“It is the second pillar of the campaign” – Corriere.it

“It is the second pillar of the campaign” – Corriere.it
“It is the second pillar of the campaign” – Corriere.it

Is there a reason not to vaccinate teenagers and young people under 30?

“There is no reason. In the vaccination plan this population is defined as the second pillar. After securing most of the vulnerable people over 60 – and unfortunately a number of them have not yet made an appointment, we do not know due to logistical difficulties or unwillingness to do so – it is essential to protect adolescents and young people otherwise the virus will not will never be completely knocked out. “

Why are we talking about the second pillar?

What is the risk of leaving kids uncovered?

“The virus would continue to have a rather sustained circulation, even if much lower than the period we have just put behind us, and it would be favored in re-proposing itself in the form of new variants that could be more contagious”.

Young people, however, get little sick.

“Currently, hospitalizations of young patients have increased in percentages in hospitals. Infections under the age of 18 are 23% of the total. Under the age of 30, Covid is asymptomatic or mild but severe cases exist. In conclusion, what reason is there to run even a minimal risk in the face of the availability of safe vaccines? ”.

“The causal link has not been proven. It is good that for new vaccines there is close surveillance and that we watch carefully for any unexplainable phenomena. Myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle, as well as rare are benign and heal with therapies “.

30-year-olds fear for fertility.

«You can be calm. There is no link with vaccinations, including anti Covid ».

“After the third trimester, no contraindications.”

“Do we want to open the school safely? So let’s vaccinate teenagers, an unmanageable age. The safety data of Pfizer’s preparation are very comforting (here the opinion of Mantovani and Biondi). The trial data indicates that it works very well. The antibody response is even better than that of adults. The effectiveness is 100% ».

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