in the 2021 guide also 13 Brescians

in the 2021 guide also 13 Brescians
in the 2021 guide also 13 Brescians

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June 05, 2021 5:42 pm

Spin-off in the spin-off: not only the best restaurants and the insert on the best pizzerias. The famous Espresso guide (edition number 43) is also accompanied by the equally famous “notebook” dedicated to the best wines of Italy, edited by Andrea Grignaffini (already winner of the Prix du Sommelier, the highest recognition in the sector) and his “Dream team”.

The guide to the best wines of Italy

The guide, available in print and digital (also on the app), collects the 100 best red wines, the 100 best whites, the 100 best sparkling wines and then the 30 best rosé wines and the 30 best sweet wines. Also present is the new ranking of the best labels for value for money, as well as the 100 best wines under 15 euros.

As already in the international Top 100 of Wine Spectator, once again among the producers of Brescia it is the land of Franciacorta to be the master, with 12 labels that have earned the five “Bottles” (or the highest score) and another twenty that stopped at four (which is not bad anyway, on the contrary).

But alongside the “mare nostrum” of Franciacorta there are also two precious springs from Lake Garda: that is, the Costaripa di Moniga company, which deserves five bottles for its 2014 vintage Brut Rosè, still in the sparkling wine category, and the Comincioli di Puegnago, which instead collects four bottles for its 2020 vintage Diamante (among rosé wines).

The 13 Brescia labels at the top

But let’s see what are the 13 top-of-the-range Brescia wines, five bottles, all in the sparkling wine category, in alphabetical order by cellar:

  • Franciacorta Brut Nature 2016 Barone Pizzini
  • Franciacorta Brut Teatro alla Scala 2015 Bellavista
  • Franciacorta Brut Nature 61 2013 Berlucchi
  • Franciacorta Dosage Zero Annamaria Clementi 2010 Ca ‘del Bosco
  • Franciacorta Brut Satèn 2014 Bonomi Castle
  • Franciacorta Brut Rosé 2015 Knights
  • Franciacorta Brut Satèn 2016 Contadi Castaldi
  • Brut Rosè Grande Vintage 2014 Costaripa
  • Franciacorta Extra Brut Ebb 2015 Il Mosnel
  • Franciacorta Brut Electo 2011 Majolini
  • Franciacorta Brut Cabochon Fuoriserie 022 Monterossa
  • Franciacorta Dosage Zero 2009 Mozio Compagnoni
  • Franciacorta Extra Brut Comarì del Salem 2013 Uberti


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