“Their Roma plan is unworkable in Rome”

“Their Roma plan is unworkable in Rome”
“Their Roma plan is unworkable in Rome”

“What the 21 July Association presents as the plan that will allow Roma camps to be overcome and closed is based on a methodology, such as that of Romact, which, although it works in other European countries, has not been successful in Italy and is completely unworkable in Rome “. These are the words of Monica Rossi, delegate for the inclusion of the Rays junta, following the presentation of the programmatic document of the 21 July Association which instead supports the possibility of closing the ‘Roma camp season in Rome’ in four years.

The 21 July Association, which has been involved in defending the rights of Roma communities for over ten years, presented ‘Agenda 2021’ last Thursday in the press room of the Chamber of Deputies. The text, drawn up with the help of a multidisciplinary team of national experts, presents the possibility of overcoming the Roma camps in four years, facing six phases and sixteen actions with two strengths: the abandonment of the ethnic approach and the transition to a territorial planning for each settlement to be overcome according to a model that is as participatory as possible.

“The meetings between associations, stakeholders, representatives of the camps and local groups, foreseen by the program, have led to poor results. This is demonstrated by the fact that the project, which started in 2014 in the large Italian cities, was then gradually interrupted. Since 2016, in fact, the Romact project is present exclusively in four small Italian cities (Agropoli, Garbagnate Milanese, Prato and Trento) whose dimensions make it clear that it cannot be replicated in the capital “added Rossi.

For the Capitol, on the other hand, the ‘Roma plan’ presented by the mayor Virginia Raggi in 2017 has the ‘methodological strength in the one-to-one approach – continued the delegate for inclusion – The progressive inclusion of the inhabitants of the camps towards work and housing decent, in fact, is solely and exclusively the result of the constant work that this Administration has been carrying out for 5 years. It is the result of the numerous interviews that the officials of the Roma Sinti and Caminanti Office carry out every day as a motivational and reflection tool for a group of people who for years has only undergone containment interventions, purely welfare “.

Finally, Rossi recalled the ‘concrete results’: “In fact, three camps have already been closed – Schiavonetti, Camping River and Foro Italico – we have cleared an important part of the Castel Romano camp, while the Barbuta and Monachina camps have seen a reduction of attendances of over 70% “he concluded.

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