The noise of the works threatens to ruin Max De Aloe’s jazz concert, but the workers decide to stop. “Site manager minister immediately”

A fable of celestial music among the deafening construction sites of Milan. The story we are about to tell you if it were a film would be The place by Ermanno Olmi. If it were a song The boy of Gluck street by Adriano Celentano. Although a rare, unexpected, splendid happy ending. Meanwhile, the scenario, as you may have understood, is the usual laborious one, a little gray, a little distracted, Milano. To be exact we are in via Olgiati. Just beyond the Naviglio Grande rise. To tell it in first person, one of the most important ones thinks about it from his Facebook profile European jazz harmonica players, Max De Aloe. “Something good happened this morning. Indeed more ”, explains Max.

This is the first live of his quartet after nine months of hiatus. Max’s band is ready for a concert lesson in the soccer field of a middle school. Except that while the four assemble the instrumentation for the concert they discover that their stage borders on a gigantic construction site in full swing with pneumatic hammers and cranes in motion. “There are no alternatives – says Max – You can only play there. In the delirium of a hellish noise. A brave and fearless school music teacher says she goes to talk to the construction site workers to explain that there are 4 musicians who haven’t played in public for 9 months and 70 kids waiting for the concert after Dad’s nightmare. “

The mission is clearly impossible. Max’s quartet should play for an hour. Time is money. The construction sites must be back in full swing. Let alone if it is a bit of music. Go back another day. Or load an app, connect the iPhone to a speaker and maybe listen to a couple of songs from Spotify during the snack. De Aloe & co and the boys are ready to bundle up, but here is the miracle in Milan: the foreman instead of the classic blasphemy, circular circular, everyone at home that we have to work, decides that instead it is time to listen to music. “An hour and a quarter of silence can be given as a gift. And so it was. The concert ended with the children clapping their hands to the workers and the workers clapping their hands to the children ”, says the Milanese musician in amazement. “In the amazement of the moment I thought I also saw some workers stomp their foot on 2 and 4 on the blues, but maybe it’s just sublimation”.

Finally, the gloss, which usually belongs to the reporter, but this time it is the right of the protagonist of the story, Max De Aloe: “While I was playing that foreman with the accent of Bergamo did more for the music than all the lame speeches I heard about Culture and Beauty and bla bla bla in these months. That I would put the site manager there immediately in the place of Franceschini with no ifs and buts. In any case: workers from the building sites in via Olgiati in Milan 1, the rest of the world 0 “.

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