Beaches, what rules for the summer? From 10 square meters to an umbrella to stewards, what you need to know

Beaches, what rules for the summer? From 10 square meters to an umbrella to stewards, what you need to know
Beaches, what rules for the summer? From 10 square meters to an umbrella to stewards, what you need to know

It’s time for the sea, despite the fact that this weekend is under the sign of disturbed weather. So much so that after the long phase of restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic, the beaches are already crowded since mid-May. However, there are rules to follow based on the indications of the Technical Scientific Committee and the Conference of Regions.

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Steward and capacity – The rules provide for the presence of the beach steward who must accompany the customer to the beach umbrella and explain to the swimmers the prevention measures to be respected. Furthermore, each establishment must define the maximum number of simultaneous presences “in relation to the volumes of space and air changes and the possibility of creating aggregations throughout the entry, presence and exit path”.

So on the beach on the Roman coast, the Rays ordinance in Pdf

Hygiene – The rules state that establishments must make hand sanitation products “compulsorily available” to both customers and staff. And these products must be placed “in several places in the plant”. Access to the beaches by reservation is also recommended. And the managers of the establishments will have to keep the attendance list for a period of 14 days.

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Checkout precautions – Among the non-mandatory recommendations is the measurement of the temperature at the entrance to the establishment. And access will be denied to customers who have a temperature above 37.5 degrees. There are also precautions at the establishment checkout: the cashier station can be equipped with physical barriers, such as transparent protective screens. Alternatively, staff must wear a mask and have hand sanitizing products available. The electronic payment method should be favored.

Ten square meters per umbrella – The guidelines establish a distance of at least one meter between customers, unless they are from the same family unit, and access to the establishment must be guaranteed in an orderly manner, with the aim of avoiding gatherings, with a path dedicated to entrance and another at the exit. In addition, each umbrella must have an area of ​​«at least 10 square meters». Between sunbeds, deck chairs, when they are not positioned in the area of ​​the umbrella, a distance of at least one meter must be ensured. Furthermore, it is necessary to favor the expansion of the shaded areas “to prevent gatherings, especially during the hottest hours”.

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Continuous disinfection – To avoid infections, even though the vaccination campaign and the heat are now pushing the virus into retreat, the managers of the establishments must carry out “regular and frequent cleaning and disinfection of common areas, changing rooms, cabins, showers, toilets”. Deckchairs, sunbeds, chairs, umbrellas must be disinfected at each change of customer or family unit and at the end of the day. It should be noted that all information on anti-Covid rules must also be understandable for foreign vacationers.

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