The state coach, to make Italy win with the PNRR

The state coach, to make Italy win with the PNRR
The state coach, to make Italy win with the PNRR

Pica opens by citing the news of the day, the international agreement on the minimum tax to multinationals and the optimistic climate expressed in Trento by the ministers on the objectives of the PNRR. Schivardi recalls “the new request for protection, which emerged after three crises, the last one of Covid, of a role for the state in the economy, exactly the question posed by the Festival to which, however, we have no clear answers”.

Montanino adds two other positions to the football metaphor: “The donor state, the one we were used to when the public debt grew, and the promoter state that intervenes when there are no resources. In my opinion, the institution’s task is to encourage initiatives that channel capital and private savings towards economic policy objectives. Creating positive externalities is a good thing ”.

Spinelli starts from the period he lived as an administrator in the acute phase of Covid. “In the most difficult moments we were seen as a lighthouse in the night, the State was the main lighthouse, we the local lighthouse, in a direct relationship of the Province with the people who have suffered from the pandemic. We have invested many resources to give an answer, exploiting our autonomy, with a mix of interventions. Now we need to go beyond the refreshment points, plan the future and not suffer it: the resources of the PNRR will be the fuel needed for the restart. As for SMEs, in our territory we focus on the growth of companies and on tenders for management, to attract qualified resources also from outside “.

Tentori, an Italian-Argentine, an attentive observer of the economies of Argentina, Chile and Brazil, underlines the role of industry for the well-being of a nation. “We must do everything to save manufacturing, if this loses ground the whole society suffers. As for Italy, it has a very strong production sector and the Italian genius is envied all over the world ”. For the challenges of the PNRR “I like a coaching state, which pushes good players and removes those who are not, and which in due course knows how to back out, which usually a state struggles to do”.

Luisa Torchia speaks of the recovery and resilience plan as “a great challenge and also a risk: it tests the Italian state in being able to establish the rules of the game and enforce them”. “It is no coincidence – he continues – that the reform of the justice system is one of the key points requested by Europe. Second, we are best when we have an urgent deadline. We need to start thinking about long-term reforms, not just about the first approved decrees whose effect we will measure in the second half of the year. 2023 is very close ”.

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