Venice, the big ships return: thousands on small boats against the giants of the sea. The institutions demonstrate in favor with the dockers

The mocking size of Msg Orchestra, full of cheerful sailors heading for the cruise in Mediterraneo, passed in front of San Marco at 16.30, half an hour before the scheduled time. Evidently there was some fear for what could have happened, with thousands of people thronging at Zattere, smoke bombs thrown into the air, flags of pirates, community centers and No Big Ships hoisted on the boats. The impressive amount of glass, plastic and steel 60 meters high and almost 300 meters long, a tonnage of 95 thousand tons, it was towed by tugs who kept it in the center of the canal of the Giudecca, before entering Hip bone. A technological scar in one scenario of incomparable beauty. Msg Orchestra didn’t even notice the swarm of boats, little gnats in the face of the power of mass tourism and business. Thus the era of Big Ships to Venice. It was interrupted in February 2020, with the pandemic. She recovered as soon as she had one semblance of normality. On the banks, people with opposite feelings. The people of the No Grandi Navi, who have been asking for the compliance with laws and the decrees that since 2012 have banned ships with more than 40mila tons from the heart of the city. More reduced, even if thickened by some authority small town, the people of port workers, in front of the Danieli, gathered to celebrate the return of an economic activity that brings wealth and employment.

The Police headquarters he had decided to keep them away, to avoid trouble. The clash it was touched, however, for a few moments in the waters in front of the Captaincy of port. Nave Orchestra was passing. THE barchini some demonstrators were accompanying her for a short distance, a compromise reached with the Police which allowed a short performance, relief valve of a protest that has been going on for ten years and that promises not to stop until large ships they will not be thrown out of the lagoon. Suddenly you are spears from a company of transport, with port workers on board, entered the Giudecca Canal by a rio lateral. For a moment we feared the worse, or the collision between any of the vehicles involved in the battle naval, including those of Police. The agents’ watercraft interposed between the port and the No Grandi Navi, to prevent them from coming into contact, as well as stability since Commissioner. Nobody got hurt, but the tension was palpable. Then i porters of the port have gone, also because they would have been overwhelmed by the peaceful enemy fleet, ten times higher. “We chased them back!” i rejoiced boys.

Meanwhile the Orchestra ship was moving away. It didn’t stop her on Clini-Passera decree of 2012. Neither was the government decision of to launch a competition of ideas to create a stop outside the Laguna. The warnings that theVenice Environment Association sent at authority who have responsibility on navigation and on environmental decor in Venice. It was an invitation to respect the standards, with subversive contents if you consider that ships continue to sail in defiance of any ban and despite all politicians periodically announcing “Out of the big ships from San Marco”. The cruise cycle has resumed. Not yet in great style, because this summer there will be three arrivals and three departures weekly, but it is not excluded that other companies will join in the meantime. At Zattere two large banners: “Ships out of the lagoon” and “No alla monoculture tourist”, Which is becoming the quintessence of Venice. In front of the Danieli a few dozen port. “Today we celebrate the restart after 17 months, a important moment for all those who work in this world, finally we see the light at the end of the tunnel and do it in safety”. Due contradictory faces, uniforms, of the same city. They were even before Covid and they will continue to be even more so.

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