Cars in the crosshairs, the looting of spare parts continues

Cars in the crosshairs, the looting of spare parts continues
Cars in the crosshairs, the looting of spare parts continues
They are quick and experienced. In a few hours, perhaps overnight, they manage to steal a car, disassemble it and reduce it to a minimum to make pieces and thus feed the dynamic and profitable underground market for the sale of spare parts. I’m the “cannibals” of cars, unleashed in the metropolitan area north of the capital.

The owners just have to ascertain the theft and submit a regular report. The Country Guards from Giovinazzo, last Thursday afternoon, they discovered two more cannibalized cars, both branded Ford, hidden among the olive trees in an agricultural estate in Peragineto: a very popular one EcoSport stolen from Molfetta and one Puma found stolen in Giovinazzo. All reported on the day of Republic Day and found gutted in the same way.

For both, it means no more engines, steering wheels, satellite navigators, dashboards, bodywork parts, headlights and control units, cleaned up in the circuits of compliant breakers, often using apparently legitimate documentation as well. The place has come Local police, who investigates: it is thought that behind the episodes there is the same hand. There was talk of speed: the thefts were reported on 2 June, while the two cars (or what remains of them) were recovered on 3, as soon as 24 hours later.

For the investigators it is a real scourge of the territory. Only last Monday i Carabinieri they stopped 15 people from Andria and Corato: one team stole the cars, while others, of so-called “cutters”, cannibalized them, then abandoning the bodies. Finally, the fences delivered the pieces to the warehouses of Cerignola.


Cars crosshairs looting spare parts continues

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