Covid vaccine: in Italy 600 thousand doses in one day. It’s the record – Chronicle

Covid vaccine: in Italy 600 thousand doses in one day. It’s the record – Chronicle
Covid vaccine: in Italy 600 thousand doses in one day. It’s the record – Chronicle

Rome, 5 June 2021 – The vaccination campaign in Italy. E ‘of today the news that they have touched 600 thousand vaccinations in a day, record for our country. The Undersecretary of Defense says it with satisfaction, Giorgio Mulè. “General Figliuolo had announced on the basis of the program set up in April that we would have reached by June the 600,000 vaccine administrations in a single day: yesterday, June 4th, the goal has been achieved “.

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For Mulè, “this is one victory of the country and Italians. The fact that a government in office for only three months keeps its promises is instead a piece of news that must make us reflect on two facts: if there is competence and seriousness, real results are obtained, if you work in the interest of the country outside the particular interests of individual parties are credible and win. As a country. Like Italy “.

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Great membership of young people

Meanwhile, one is registered great adhesion of the very young to the vaccination campaign: in Veneto more than 330 thousand bookings, Zaia is already looking at herd immunity. Immunization race also in the other Regions: ‘open night’ for young people in Piedmont, in Lazio ‘Junior open day’ from 6 June. The knot of second doses on vacation remains, many governors say they are ready.

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Figliuolo: “Italy in second place in the world”

Italy is al second place absolute in Europe In terms of fully vaccinated population, just after Germany and ahead of France and Spain. The structure of Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo communicates this, citing in a note the data published on the Agenas vaccine portal.

President Mattarella

The President of the Republic also mentioned vaccines this morning, Sergio Mattarella in a message to the carabinieri: “From the vigilance of compliance with the measures to contain the spread of the virus, to the assistance of the most fragile sections of the population, from the delivery of tablets to students for the attendance of remote lessons, to the creation of centers for tampons and for the administration of vaccines, the carabinieri were at the forefront of the numerous services aimed at the distribution of serums and protective devices “.

So abroad

On the foreign front, it should be noted that the China authorized the use of the vaccine Sinovac for the age group 3-17 years.

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