Basketball, Scudetto Final: Milan-Virtus Bologna 77-83 in Game-1

Basketball, Scudetto Final: Milan-Virtus Bologna 77-83 in Game-1
Basketball, Scudetto Final: Milan-Virtus Bologna 77-83 in Game-1

Teodosic drags the black V to 83-77 at the Forum which is worth 1-0 in the championship final

Virtus Bologna deserved success, surprising AX Milano 83-77 in the first act of the Scudetto finals. The bianconeri are on the run for almost the entire match, reaching +18 thanks to an excellent choral performance where Teodosic’s high notes stand out (19 points and 7 assists), good at triggering Weems. In the fourth period, an angry but late recovery of Olimpia led by Rodriguez (16 points), Datome and LeDay. In the final decisive the experience of Markovic and Belinelli in repelling the last flames of the troop of coach Messina. Game 2 of the series at the best of 7 matches is on Monday at 8.45 pm, again at the Forum.

the race

Difficult start for Virtus who cannot find flashes in attack, Shields and Datome punish the Juventus defense, 6-0. Weems and Gamble unlock the Segafredo, and the former Nanterre puts the triple of overtaking, 6-7. His duel with Shields was splendid and inflamed the first part of the match, the bianconeri also found Ricci’s first seal for the most 3, 8-11. Gamble does a great job in defensive recoveries, coach Messina changes the skin of the quintet looking for new solutions, the former super-luxury Punter gives the now usual game of 4 to put the arrow, 12-11. In the chess game it is the turn of Djordjevic’s move that gives space to Teodosic, the Serbian forces Punter himself to two fouls, 13-17. The former CSKA leads the black Vs at most 7, the AX mends with a perfect Datome on both sides of the field, 19-23 after Ricci’s front buzzer beater. Virtus holds up despite the damage of the duo Hunter, first, and Alibegovic, then, thanks to Pajola’s self-denial. The new Juventus partial speaks Italian, as well as Pajola excellent the impact of Abass and Ricci who hit from the bow rewarded by the inventions of Teodosic, 21-31. Olimpia takes breath and confidence again and still finds the class of Datome, the red and white area creates some embarrassment in Bologna, 32-39 after the bang from the corner of LeDay. Small quintet of assault of the hosts to attack the game, the guests do not tremble who fly up to 14 after two baskets by Belinelli, 34-48. It is the attacking rebounds that keep the AX in the running at the interval, 39-48 after Rodriguez’s triple. Segafredo’s escape continues even after the long break, Weems does not miss a shot, while the hands of Alibegovic and Markovic scratch her in defense, 42-59. Messina asks for more defensive pressure, the red and white wall rises with Rodriguez inflaming the home crowd, 51-64. Bologna holds until the start of the last fraction, still Rodriguez and the awakening of LeDay roar the partial of the AX, 66-72. The almost perfect mechanism of Segafredo is jammed, Milan has only one possession, 70-72. It is a triple from Markovic to give new, precious lymph to Virtus who still has energy, Belinelli and Weems for the new plus 8. 73-81. Late for the final assault of the Milanese, Teodosic closes the line of charity.
Milan: Rodriguez and LeDay 16, Datome 15
V. Bologna: Teodosic 19, Weems 15, Belinelli 9

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