“Raped by two footballers”. The horror of the 14 year old

“Raped by two footballers”. The horror of the 14 year old
“Raped by two footballers”. The horror of the 14 year old

From Grillo jr to the Serie D fields: yet another accusation of sexual violence, this time against a minor. The disputed facts would have taken place in November 2020, and therefore in full lockdown. On that date, according to the data collected by the carabinieri during the investigations, in Messina a minor would have been the victim of sexual violence. To be investigated are two footballers, two promising young players fromA.C.R Messina (team based in the homonymous city and militant in the fourth division of the Italian league).

As the Southern Gazette, Roberta La Speme – the deputy prosecutor who coordinated the investigations of the carabinieri -, issued a notice of conclusion of the preliminary investigations with the accusation of violence against the two players (both born in 2002 and therefore adults at the time of the facts) sexual aggravated.

Who are the two accused

The world of sport is shocked by what has happened. Clemente Crisci, originally from Maddaloni (Caserta) e Carmine Cretella of Naples, both adults at the time of the disputed facts and both members of the ACR Messina, were protagonists of the act of sexual violence against a minor. According to the latest reconstructions of the case, however, the two players born in 2002 were not alone, but that day with them there was a third person, still unidentified, who would have been involved in the terrible affair.

The horror about the girl: “Clear roles in the story”

The police, who have been carrying out research since November and trying to reconstruct the events as best as possible, have heard the victim and his family several times. The girl is still strongly shaken and, to be highlighted, she has been repeatedly heard by the Arma soldiers with the necessary precautions and in full compliance with the provisions of the legislation on abuse of minors in terms of guarantees to the victim.

Not only the victim, but also the relatives who were heard by the soldiers of the Arma because, again according to what was reported by the Gazzetta del Sud, one of them would have confided in one of them, it is not known whether to one of the parents or another person who, after listening to the details of the affair, then triggered the alarm, which then resulted in the complaint.

Clemente Crisci and Carmine Cretella, teammates and both midfielders, according to the prosecutor cannot escape the accusations as the roles played by the two are clear. Indeed, the position of one of the two would be even more marked and serious than that of his teammate.

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