“One in 5 renounces the capital”

“They mostly call from France and Spain. And they ask us for waste “, he says Stefano Corbari, president of Fiavet Lazio, the federation of travel agencies. Now that tourism in the capital could enter the fifth, with the progressive weakening of the anti-Covid restrictions, the restart, he explains, is undermined by the re-emergence of old plagues, starting with the emergence of garbage. The data from Federalberghi also confirm this: almost one in 5 tourists gives up their trip to the city, to the advantage of less problematic or much better advertised metropolises. The photos of the overcrowded Ama nerds, of the bags that pile up on the side of the roads, as before, more than before, have gone around the world again. On social media, in foreign newspapers. The British Guardian told of wild boars stealing shopping from passers-by.

Ama, made on waste in Rome: «Collection not guaranteed». Ad Zaghis to traders and businesses: we will have difficulties

The most striking episode, complete with a video, happened in Formello, that is, just outside the Municipality of Rome. But those who should embark across the Channel obviously do not dwell on certain nuances; El Pais in Spain talked about the garbage crisis and increased the dose by narrating the chasms that crumble the asphalt and swallow cars. The Reuters correspondent, Crispian Balmer, posted photos of the overflowing garbage cans, commenting: “So Rome is preparing to welcome tourists back”. A roundup of articles and images, certainly not the most captivating advertisement to entice someone to stop under the Colosseum.

Also because that of foreign visitors is already a small slice of the market, compared to pre-Covid numbers. “Today 80% of bookings in Rome come from the rest of Italy – resumes Corbari of Fiavet (Italian federation of travel and tourism business associations) – Only 20% comes from abroad, almost exclusively from Europe, in particular they call French and Spaniards ». Trips from the US are still few and more expensive than usual (about 30% more) with the Covid-free process. But even those who might come now risk giving up. “They contact our tour operators asking for garbage or for lumpy roads,” Fiavet resumes.


According to the Federalberghi of Rome, the impact of the new waste crisis, with the resonance it had in the foreign media, discourages at least 20% of potential customers. It is a downward figure, however, which takes into account “historical” arrivals, in the periods marred by the garbage crisis in past years, and contacts with tour operators. “Today – explains Giusepep Roscioli, the president of Federalberghi – only 500 hotels out of 1,200 are open in the city. There will be a minimum of “European effect”, with another 100 hotels ready to open. But then they will close again ». Also because summer, in Italy, does not usually reward art cities. “The real restart, in this situation, will not be seen before March 2022”.


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