Ceferin cancels the Juventus president

The countdown goes on waiting for that l’UEFA decides on the disciplinary proceedings opened against Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona, the only three teams not to have taken a step backwards from the project of the super lega: the sentence should arrive in days and everything suggests that we are moving towards a very heavy sentence, that is the exclusion for one or two years from the European cups. Judgment appealable to the CAS, but in the meantime the three clubs in question they would be ousted from the Champions League.

Yesterday Andrea Agnelli, on the sidelines of the farewell conference to Fabio Paratici, he reiterated Juve’s desire to go on his way, without formal steps to renounce anything: “One thing remains certain, Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona are determined to achieve complete reform. For years I have tried to unhinge certain systems from the inside, in vain. When we launched the Superlega it was not a coup d’état, but a desperate cry of alarm and help“.

But the air that pulls in the UEFA rooms does not authorize us to hypothesize outstretched hands towards the ‘rebels’, unlike what happened with the 9 clubs, including Milan and Inter, which have officially renounced the project. In particular, the position of Juventus is made even more difficult by the purely personal question between its president Agnelli and UEFA number one Alexander Ceferin.

The latter, in an interview with the French monthly ‘So Foot’, goes down very hard with his former fraternal friend, whose last daughter he is godfather of baptism: “In this case the protagonists can be classified into three categories. In the first I put Andrea Agnelli. There it is personal. In my eyes this man no longer exists. I thought we were friends, but he lied to my face until the last minute of the last day, making sure there was nothing to worry about, while the day before he had already signed all the documents necessary for the launch of the Super League. In the second category, I put a group of executives who I felt were quite close to me and who I’m sorry they didn’t tell me in advance what they were going to do. Finally, in the last category there are the managers with whom I have not had privileged contacts. I don’t blame them, but they too will have to face the consequences of their actions“.

Ceferin explains what would have been the final destination of the Superlega project, based on the information in his possession: “Through this competition all these leaders saw a way to guarantee their respective parishes an unchangeable place at the top of European football. I know for a fact that their first idea was to stop participating in UEFA competitions, while remaining in their respective national leagues. But they would do it with a B team, as they would play their European competition with team A. Then the idea was to get out of the national leagues as a second step, to play only European games every weekend.“.

Was it possible that the UEFA president could not really do anything to prevent what was about to happen? “We honestly didn’t know exactly what was going on – Ceferin replies – From time to time we have received threats of splitting, documents on the subject have leaked… But we have not taken it very seriously. Andrea Agnelli, then president of the ECA, was part of our executive committee and continually assured us that there was really nothing to worry about. Especially since on our part we had organized several meetings with the clubs to present them the new reform of the Champions League, a reform voted by the 12 rebel clubs. Except that the next day they unveiled their phantom project. What if I suspected something? You may be suspicious, but when the people in your operations office swear to you: ‘No, no, it’s all bullshit’, it’s hard not to believe them …“.

And we always return to Andrea Agnelli, the man who for Ceferin “no longer exists”. The Slovenian now feels strong and does not hide it: “UEFA is a beautiful and powerful ship right now. We were attacked by a submarine a few weeks ago, but in the end it was us who sank the submarine“. Now we have to understand how the war will end: in a few days and we will know.

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