do not confirm efficacy and safety “

do not confirm efficacy and safety “
do not confirm efficacy and safety “

The AIFA document Classification of medicinal products for human use pursuant to art. 12 paragraph 5 of the decree-law 13 September 2012 n. 158 converted with amendments into law 8 November 2012 n. 189 contains the conditions that serve to authorize the vaccine and therefore to keep it on the market. The last condition states that “To confirm the efficacy and safety of Comirnaty, the MAH must provide the final clinical study report of the randomized, placebo-controlled, observer-blinded study C4591001 in December 2023.“.

Translated, according to the aforementioned Aifa document, the efficacy and safety of the vaccine are not confirmed. Despite this, the inoculations continue: even for the youngest – the least at risk – a real mass vaccination is expected to begin soon. But what is the reason for all this?
This is where home therapies come in and the ongoing battle to tell everyone that the possible solution against Covid already exists.
As reported live by Dr. Andrea Stramezzi, a direct witness to the effectiveness of early care, this would create many problems in granting authorization for a serum which – now also according to AIFA documents – has not completed all the usual checks.

Hear what he told us on ‘A Special Day’

All these vaccines have had a provisional authorization that must be confirmed by the double-blind randomized clinical trials with placebo by 2023. But why have they obtained this authorization even though they have not yet been adequately tested?
Because both FDA and EMA have obtained a waiver as regulatory bodies as there is a disease that is serious of which there is no recognized therapy.

At the very moment in which there was a declaration of the efficacy of a therapy, which says that a therapy for Covid exists, automatically this exemption that was given to be able to market the vaccines even if still in the experimental phase would immediately lapse. That is, vaccines would become illegal. And we know that the cure exists, because we have applied it to tens of thousands of people!

This makes us reflect on why all attempts to make the world understand that there is a therapy have been taxed“.


confirm efficacy safety

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