immense defense, the Ligurians raise the cup !!! – OA Sport

immense defense, the Ligurians raise the cup !!! – OA Sport
immense defense, the Ligurians raise the cup !!! – OA Sport


21.37: Thanks for following us, with a blue triumph in water polo we wish you a good evening!

21.36: The Champions League, therefore, returns to Italy and the Pro Recco wins, thus redeeming the defeat against Brescia in the play-off final

21.34: Three goals from Mandic, two goals each for Di Fulvio and Figlioli, one goal each for Younger and Echenique but one of the heroes of the day is the goalkeeper Bijac who committed only one ingenuity on the second goal of the Magyars and then saved all that could be saved

21.33: The Pro Recco players sing! “We are the European champions”! It is the ninth Champions League, Italy had not won it since 2015 and it was Pro Recco who won it.


7’20 ”Foul by Presciutti on Jansik. Penalty. PARA BIJAAAAAAAAAAAAAC

7’03 “Devia Bijac on Varga !!! What a defense of Pro Recco

6’44 ”Ivovic’s conclusion rejected. Time out Varga. Very little is missing, there are three goals to recover for the Hungarians

6’21 ”Pro Recco superiority and Hernandez time out

6 ′ The pole of Vamooos !!! Now it’s almost done !!!

5’30 ”Stopped Aicardi, there is still a lot to suffer

5 ′ Costantin Bicari’s network from the center. The Magyars shorten the distance: 9-6

4’36 ”GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL DI FULVIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! In numerical superiority from the left on Velotto’s assist, he approaches and beats Vogel !!! Cup very close

4’23 “Mandic pole and Vogel deviation

4’04 ”Varga’s conclusion stopped by Bijac

3’33 “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL MANDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC !!! From right to retreat, perfect unstoppable conclusion for Vogel. Triplet for Mandic

3’07 ”Bijac again rejected, one more man for Pro Recco

3 ′ Vigvari’s conclusion deflected by Bijac

2’35 ”Figlioli’s conclusion was just off

1’56 “High the conclusion of Echenique

1’43 “Vigvari does not exploit the numerical superiority

1’10 “Foul in attack by Mandic

7’52 ”Luongo wastes it on the nearest pole. Conclusion replied by Vogel. The third period ends: 7-5. The Pro Recco has not placed the final blow and there is still to suffer

7’35 ”Extra man for Pro Recco. Time out and then last action with the Ligurians who can place the knockout blow. The Ferencvaros looks lackluster

6’40 ”Another numerical advantage wasted by Ferencvaros, what a defense of Pro Recco!

5’30 ”Bijac’s parade on Constantin Bicari

4’12 ”Mandic fails to achieve a numerical advantage

3’47 ”The Ferencvaros does not exploit the numerical superiority

3’30 ”Di Fulvio wastes the numerical advantage, Mezei expelled definitively. Now one more man Ferencvaros

1’29 “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL MANDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC !!! A broadside from the right side, impregnable for Vogel despite the long distance !!! 7-5

0’48 ”GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ECHENIQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!! This time from the right to the surface of the water the conclusion of Echenique: 6-5

0’32 ”Fountoulis Definitive Expulsion


7’58 ”Rejected the conclusion of Figlioli. The first part of the race ends: 5-5

7’20 “Rejects Vogel in numerical inferiority. Naivety of Pro Recco

6’20 “Rejected Luongo’s shot

5’02 “The central insertion of Jaksic in numerical superiority and the Magyars draw: 5-5

4’35 ”GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF FULVIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! Still from the left in numerical superiority. Vogel tries but fails to avoid the goal: 5-4

4 ′ The draw in numerical superiority arrives from the right on the fly on the long corner of Vamos: 4-4

3’20 ”Vogel’s rebuff on Di Fulvio

2’28 “High the conclusion of Echenique in numerical superiority

1’29 “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL YOUNGEEEEEEEEEEEEER !!! From left in numerical superiority the Australian after four feints leaves no way out for Vogel: 4-3

1 ′ Vigvari’s outing in numerical superiority leaves no way out for Bijac! Draw for Ferencvaros: 3-3


7’53 “Nooooooooooooo Di Fulvio in the counter-flight fails to beat Vogel. The first half ends 3-2 for Pro Recco but what a missed opportunity

6’29 ”GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL CHILDRENIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!! In numerical superiority Figlioli receives from the central area and lets go an unstoppable conclusion on the right: 3-2

5’53 ”With double inferiority Bijac saves Pro Recco

5’07 “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL CHILDRENIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!! Conclusion from the left side on the furthest pole

4’45 ”Bijac rejects the conclusion in inferiority

3’51 ”Hungarians ahead. Vicvari’s conclusion on the nearest pole: 1-2

3’37 “Out the conclusion of Di Fulcio who wastes the superiority

2’49 “In numerical superiority comes the DRAW of Ferencvaros with Costantin Bicari who takes advantage of a lack of attention from Pro Recco: 1-1

2’37 “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL MANDIIIIIIIIIIIIIC In numerical superiority from the center he beats the opposing goalkeeper: 1-0

2 ′ The advance of Velotto in defense, the Pro Recco starts again

1’45 “Conclusion of an oversized Velotto

1’20 ”Superiority also wasted by Ferencvaros

1 ′ Superiority not exploited by pro Recco with Mandic’s shot countered

20.28: Teams in the water, ready for the first half

20.26: To reach the final, Pro Recco overtook first Hannover and then yesterday in the semifinals Barceloneta with the score of 12-10.

20.24: Vamos, Zalanki and Denes Varga the players to keep an eye on at Ferencvaros

20.22: This is the sixteenth final of the Champions League (first Champions Cup) for the Pro Recco that has won eight times

20.20: Yesterday the Magyars showed that they have a squad of absolute quality, imposing themselves in a very tight match against the Italian champions of Brescia.

20.17: Balance will almost certainly reign supreme. The last three precedents say two victories for the recchelini and a draw, always in the group stages of the Champions League.

20.14: The most successful team in Italy and the Hungarians of Ferencvaros, team from Budapest, holders of the trophy on the field (winners in 2019, since the last edition was not played).

20.12: It is a game that can be worth a lot. A title that Italy and, precisely the Ligurians, have been missing since 2015

20.10: Good evening to the friends of OA Sport and welcome to the live direct of the Champions League final of water polo scheduled between Pro Recco and Ferencvaros in Belgrade

The Champions League Final Eight programThe Pro Recco-Ferencvaros program

Good evening and welcome to live textual live of the final of the Champions League in water polo: today, Saturday 5 June, at 20.30, the Final Eight will close with the match between Pro Recco, winner of Group A, and i magiari of the Ferencvaros, first classified in Group B in the elimination phase.

The Ligurians, who lost the Scudetto Final against Brescia, they seek redemption in the European field and today they want to conclude their European journey in the best possible way that with yesterday’s victory in the semifinals has reached twelve wins out of twelve in the season in the review.

OA Sport offers you the live textual live of the final of the Champions League in water polo: today, Saturday 5 June, at 20.30, the Final Eight will close with the match between Pro Recco ed i magiari of the Ferencvaros, and for this reason our live will start at 20.00.

Have fun with ours live textual live in real time!

Photo: LaPresse

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