today’s result is 7-6 6-3 6-4, goes to the second round Diretta-

Matteo Berrettini, n. 9 of the world and n. 1 Italian, he beat South Korean Soon Woo Kwon, n. 91 atp and Andreas Seppi’s executioner.

Terzo set 3-0

6-4 – Berrettini serves for the match and immediately earns three match points even touching a new ace; the first Kwon manages to cancel it; Not so the second: service in the center, ace n. 23 of the match and victory! 2h11 ”and round of 16. In the third set the Roman lost only 3 points on his serve.

5-4– Kwon keeps the service at zero

5-3– Now we need Berrettini who continues the series of winning services, 22 aces for 15-0; the 30-0 lucky with the help of the tape after a short ball to which Kwon had replied; At 40-0 the Italian misses the first serve, plays a short on the second and embroiders the backhand closing point and game.

4-3– Serves Kwon; Berrettini fights but the Korean runs away at 15-40, then closes the game.

4-2 – Berrettini serves and opens with a series of aces, three, reaching 21 in total and keeping the serve at zero.

3-2 – Nine consecutive points and Berrettini goes 30-0 on Kwon’s serve (the backhand of the second 15 is beautiful); the Korean returns to a tie, and moves to 30-40 and then closes the game.

3-1 – Berrettini is now at the service looking for the new extension; going forward 40-0 (ace number 18) and keeping the serve in all serenity.

2-1 BREAK Berrettini– on Kwon’s serve, he begins to use the short and very effective ball often, moving to 40-15 then with two new break points; the first good with a big inside-out forehand, and comes the second break.

1-1 – first shift for the Italian in the third set; first ace (16) for 15-0; a precise straight line is worth 30-15; a new ave on 40-15; the Italian holds the serve at 30.

0-1 – Kwon at the service; 1h36 ‘of play; so far Berrettini has had 9 break points, and has only used one; the Korean moves forward by two points and Berrettini remains attacked with a great straight down the line, 15-30, then catching up again; Kwon to close the game at 30.

The determination of Matteo Berrettini (Afp)
Second set 2-0

6-3 – Berrettini returns to serve with the important weight of the break he has just won; ahead 40-15, obtains two important set points; the first is enough to close at 6-3.

5-3 BREAK Berrettini – On Kwon Berrettini’s serve, he hopes to find the decisive break, and fights up to 40-40; rejects the first advantage of the Asian and wins his eighth break point; once again he sees it, however, canceled, in an increasingly balanced encounter; find the ninth, and the good one for the break.

4-3 – It opens with Berrettini’s 15 ace, the fifth of the second set; the game goes well and the blue keeps it at zero.

3-3 – At the change of sides, the South Korean will serve, while the audience leaves the stands of the Simonne-Mathieu for the start of the curfew due to the anticovid rules. Kwon does not seem to be affected and moves forward two points and then up to 15-40; Berrettini comes back up to 40-40, then surrenders to the advantages.

3-2 – At the service Berrettini goes wild and with two other aces he goes to 3-2, always keeping the opponent at 15 and always for a double fault.

2-2 – With the same score Kwon tries to restore parity:

2-1 – In service Berrettini has no problems and keeps on 40-15 (double foul) for 2-1, also finding the ace number 12.

1-1 – an ineffective Berrettini lob and Kwon takes the first point; the second an unforced error by the Roman for 0-30; Kwon’s long ball for 15-30, then Berrettini’s goal for 15-40; a straight to cross is worth 30-40; Kwon still holds the service;

1-0– Berrettini serves and immediately yields the first points, finding himself under 15-30; the recovery for c ‘, and the 25 year old from Rome goes to 40-40; the eleventh ace (to 1) is worth the advantage; a long response from Kwon brings Berrettini the lead, he starts the second set well.

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Cousin set 1-0

7-6 (8-6) – Kwon loses the first service, 1-0; Berrettini keeps his 2 for the 3-0 (tenth ace, at 214 km / h); Kwon signs only one point in his double round: 4-1; on the next service change, the first lost ball arrives instead from the Italians, after a prolonged exchange, 4-2; after the small break, the point of 4-3 also arrives and Kwon now has two opportunities to take off; in reality Berrettini puts in another mini break for the 5-3; thus arrives, on the Korean serve, the 6-3 and a long series of set points; he loses for the first two, on his serve, and finds himself on 6-5; Kwon serves by finding a tie: 6-6; on the Korean serve, Berrettini earns the fourth set point, 7-6; finally, of service, it closes.

6-6– Berrettini now serves to stay in the set; an imperfect muffled pushes the Korean forward; a heavy first is worth a draw, then an ace, the seventh, 30-15; a match response from Kwon for 30-30; then from the right with the eighth ace Berrettini goes and closes the game.

5-6– On Kwon’s serve three more break points from Berrettini arrive, who commands the opponent with the forehand and then takes advantage of another double fault; fails to exploit them (and rises to six not enjoyed); Kwon with 4 consecutive points is thus ahead of the advantages thanks to a long forehand of the blue; Berrettini finds himself for the rhythm and conquers a new break point, once again canceled; wrong answer from Berrettini and new Kwon advantage which then closes the game.

5-5– Berrettini on serve for the first time goes under with a double fault; only one incident remedied with a serve and dunk and with the fifth ace for 30-15; a long answer is worth 40-15 and Berrettini then closes smoothly with the sixth ace of his match.

4-5– the first mistake of Berrettini’s game, which does not lose heart and forces the opponent to 15-15; Kwon takes advantage of the first to get back the lead, then with a wrong backhand from Berrettini he goes on 15-40 and closes the game.

4-4– Berrettini serving with new balls and a dampened one and his third ace takes the lead by two 15s; He keeps his serve at zero with the fourth ace.

3-4– 20 ‘of play so far; Kwon in the service first realizes an error in response from Berrettini, then gives two consecutive points to his rival who makes him run a lot; hammering on the backhand, the Asian manages to reach 30-40; with an ace on the line he holds the serve.

3-3– Service Berrettini, immediately ahead of three 15 making good use of the first service; then keeps it at 15.

2-3– With the Korean serving, Berrettini’s forehand begins to be felt; Kwon for does not lose concentration and goes on 15-40; Kwon’s second double fault is worth 30-40; a nice backhand to allow Kwon to keep the serve.

2-2– Berrettini on the serve goes wild and goes on 40-0 with an ace, the first of his match; closes the game by yielding only a 15.

1-2– Second shift in service for Kwon; with a long exchange and the first double foul of the match, Berrettini escapes at 30-0, then gets three break points with a nice long line; Kwon manages to cancel all three by sending the shots well in depth; an ace gives him the advantage, then he closes the game with the fifth consecutive point.

1-1– First shift of duty for Berrettini; the first 15 arrives with a nice damping; the second for the 30-0 with a wrong answer from Kwon; a winning response from the Asian and a low vole in the corridor from the Italian bring the game to 30 all; 40-30 a long response from the Korean, then Berrettini closes the game with another unforced error by Kwon.

0-1– After the warm-up, the match is about to begin. Kwon shows up at the service; immediately 3 fifteen of advantage for the South Korean, the third point on a splendid short ball; Kwon keeps the service at zero.

Heating – There is no direct precedent between the two. It is played on the Court Simonne-Mathieu. Whoever wins faces in the second round or the German Dominik Koepfer, n. 59 of the world, or Roger Federer, n. 8.

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