Who is Kerem Bursin, Serkan Bolat in the soap. Private life and career

Who is Kerem Bursin, Serkan Bolat in the soap. Private life and career
Who is Kerem Bursin, Serkan Bolat in the soap. Private life and career

Let’s find out more about the leading actor of the new Turkish soap opera of Canale 5!

We know better Kerem Bursin, the actor who plays the male lead in Love is in the Air!

Love is in the Air: Kerem Bursin is Serkan Bolat in the Turkish soap opera

Sen Cal Kapimi, that is Love is in the Air, tells an exciting love story, the one between Eda Yildiz e Serkan Bolat. This is the classic example of opposites that, in principle, repel each other, but over time they begin to attract each other irresistibly. She is a girl with her head on her shoulders, and always looking towards the future: ambitious by nature, she can’t help but dream big. However, coming from a family with little financial means, he knows that, if he wants to become a landscape architect, he has to bet everything on a scholarship … which, however, he will lose. Thus, the Yildiz is forced to interface with Serkan, the man who canceled the funds. The latter, however, could rehabilitate the scholarship … just that Ed do him a favor: she will simply have to pretend to be his girlfriend for a couple of months. The young woman does not accept, not only because she finds the proposal absurd, but above all because she finds the entrepreneur unbearable; however, at some point she realizes that it is the only means she has to reach the goal she has set for herself …

Who is Kerem Bursin: Private life, career and curiosity about Serkan

Kerem Bursin is the name of the actor who plays the role of the male protagonist of the TV series in question. The interpreter of Serkan was born in Istanbul, in Tutchia, under the sign of Gemini, on June 4, 1987; this year, therefore, he will be 34 years old. He spent his childhood and adolescence with the suitcase: he moved countless times, so much so that, over the years, he lived in seven different countries.

In the past, the actor has been romantically linked to his colleague Yagmur Tanrisevsin, and later to another colleague, Serenay sarıkaya. He had been credited with flirting with Demet Ozdemir, Sanem of Daydreamer – The wings of the dream, but it turned out that the two, in fact, were never together. In April of this year, however, Kerem posted some shots through which he made public his love affair with Hande Ercel, the female protagonist of Love is in the Air: Serkan and Eda are a couple in real life too, then.

At 12, he moved to the USA with his family. During his high school years, which he attended in Texas, the Bursin begins to approach and become passionate about the world of acting, so much so that thanks to a theatrical show in which he takes part he conquers the title of best actor of the aforementioned state. Later, he moved to Boston, where he studied Marketing and Communications at Emerson College. In addition to the love for cinema, in Kerem the one for sport also burns. However, in the end, the one for the former prevails, and in fact he embarks on an acting career; so, he leaves for Los Angeles, and here he settles down. In 2010 debuts on TV with the film Sharktopus, but achieves some fame in 2013, playing the role of Kerem Sayer in Waiting for the sun. In 2016 he even becomes the testimonial of the Mavi Jeans brand. In 2020 begins to play the role of Serkan Bolat in Love is in the Air. His Instagram profile boasts well 7.9 million followers.

Let’s find out all the weekly advances of Love is in the Air from 31 May to 4 June 2021.

Love is in the Air goes on the air Channel 5 Monday to Friday at 3.30pm.

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