M5s and Rousseau, agreement on the data of the members. Conte: “Now our ‘second half’ begins. Online vote on the Statute and leader by June “

M5s and Rousseau, agreement on the data of the members. Conte: “Now our ‘second half’ begins. Online vote on the Statute and leader by June “
M5s and Rousseau, agreement on the data of the members. Conte: “Now our ‘second half’ begins. Online vote on the Statute and leader by June “

The M5s and the association Rousseau have reached an agreement for the delivery of data of subscribers to the platform. “The weather of waiting and gods referrals is over, the 5 Star Movement is entering, thanks to its roots, a new story ”, writes the former premier on Facebook Giuseppe Conte, announcing the end of the deal with Davide Casaleggio: “June marks the beginning of our ‘second half’: we are finally in possession of data of members and an agreement has been reached with the Rousseau association ”, reads the post of the leader in pectore dei Cinquestelle. A post in which Conte also announces the next steps: after the necessary verification of the data, “we will present the new Statute and the Charter of principles and values“. By the end of the month, the decisive moment will come, with the online vote “first on the Statute and then on the new leader of the M5s “. Thus the new political phase will start. “Now more than ever we have to team up, involving everyone. With Conte we can relaunch the Movement, now we have to support him and armor its leadership. United we can still do many useful things for Italians “, the Foreign Minister’s appeal, Luigi Di Maio.

The announcement puts an end to a negotiation that has been underway for weeks, which reached a turning point on June 1st, when the Privacy Guarantor ordered the association chaired by Davide Casaleggio to deliver all personal data of those enrolled in the M5s In 5 days. The measure was adopted of urgency at the outcome of the investigation launched by the Guarantor after the report presented by the M5s. The scheme of the agreement, as he said Daily fact on newsstands, should include Rousseau’s commitment to avoid a possible cause in civil proceedings, obtaining in exchange a figure between 150 e i 200 thousand euros (the entity will be covered with a confidentiality clause).

With the understanding, the new M5s can definitely take shape and close completely relations with Rousseau. In recent weeks, the Movement has in fact already appointed the new managers of data processing: the companies Corporate Advisor srl and Isa srl, as well as a notary in Rome. Once the data transfer has been completed, the M5s will be able to proceed with the vote on new platform for the new structure, with Conte political leader it’s a secretariat to support him, a new one Statute it’s a Charter of values. The “second half” announced by the former prime minister, however, will begin next week, with a general meeting where to present the new M5s and start a tour of Italy, to relaunch the figure of Conte and above all i Cinquestelle.

“We contacted the Privacy Guarantor, obtaining the delivery of the data within 5 days, to start the new path its another telematic platform, which will keep the direct line with our activists ”, explains Conte in his post, underlining that“ after so many years of cooperation it was right that everything should end with an agreement. ‘THE debts they are not discussed, they are honored ‘: I had given my word, I followed the facts ”. “I am directly compared with Davide Casaleggio and we found a solution, which would allow the start of this new phase, putting an end to various slopes e honoring payments“, Added the former premier. “The roads are divided but with full respect from our part. Casaleggio is a name that will always evoke the history of the Movement and those who do not respect their own history do not respect themselves “, reads the post.

Conte then thanks Vito Crimi, the regent who participated in the negotiation: “We have agreed on a time schedule and in this period it is not never spared. In the coming days the political project will be revealed and discussed: the subscribers with their enthusiasm and their decisions will be the main engine that will guide us in this adventure “. “We only take a few days to verify the data and prepare all preliminary activities to voting operations. We will present the new Statute and the Charter of principles and values: a phase will be open for the comments of the members and by the end of this month there will be the pronunciation with an online vote first on the Statute and then on the new leader of the M5s ”, explains Conte again.

Which then goes back to underlining the cornerstones of his political action: “There are some trenches that the Movement has never thought of abandoning: fight against inequalities socio-economic and to the precariousness; proximity to the needs of Young people, of the families and businesses; the commitment to a eco-sustainable future, per public ethics and to strengthen the legality against all mafias. We will talk about it, we will confront: but this will always be ours common ground. It is time to look ahead now. It is time to be realists but also to work to ‘achieve the impossible’: we have a country and a future to which to dedicate ours more precious energies. From today more than yesterday. Together ”, Conte concludes.

Casaleggio’s replica – Davide Casaleggio instead announced his farewell to the 5 Star Movement in a post on blog of the Stars. “A few days ago I clearly expressed what, in my opinion, was the way to go to solve the critical issues in which the M5s was found. I asked all the legitimate bodies to call a vote, making Rousseau available, in order to follow up on the decisions of members in full compliance with the Statute. I was told that you want to go another way, as unfortunately happened too many times in the last year by sacrificing the participatory democracy with repeated statutory violations and failure to comply with the decisions of the members, when consulted. I take note with regret. The times to make this decision, as I pointed out, were very short ”, writes Casaleggio.

“I’ve always just asked for things to be done without shortcuts and in compliance with the rules towards thousands of activists and elected officials who every day with their work have allowed the success of the Movement in recent years ”, he continues in the blog. “The same respect for the rules I have asked for all these months to identify a attorney legitimized through a democratic vote, but in these days the political bodies of the M5s and the Privacy Guarantor have decided, obviously also taking the full responsibility of all the consequences, to indicate who he was. If you search political legitimacy in a court, it means internal democracy failed“, Are the words of Casaleggio. Which then announces the future of Rousseau: “The path of bottom-up participation it will continue along the path we have traced while maintaining integrity, the consistency and the moral solidity that we have always cultivated, in the thousand ways in which it will be possible. This is no longer the Movement and I am sure he would never have recognized it anymore my father“, Writes Davide Casaleggio.

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