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The unilateral clause for the renewal of the Frenchman exercised by Chelsea has displaced Maldini and Massara. But there is a promise that …

While on the one hand the Chelsea announced that it had exercised the unilateral clause for the renewal of Giroud and on the other the French, obviously unaware of what was happening, spoke of Milan as “of an option” for its future, a not insignificant part of the market Maldini and Massara it suddenly and literally fell apart. Let’s face it: the Rossoneri were convinced that they had closed the matter or almost and that they had already solved the obvious problem of finding a vice-Ibra at the height of the Champions League and a championship race. The deal, apparently vanished, in reality is not yet completely over. It will depend on the will of Olivier Giroud to get back in the game at Milan and the willingness of Chelsea and Milan to sit around a table to negotiate. Will these three pieces of the puzzle fit together? Hard to say.

What is known so far is that Marina Granovskaia, notoriously hard bone, has promised to Giroud to release him in the event of an important offer. So, to understand it, Chelsea would not put itself in the wrong direction in the face of the French striker’s desire to move to Milan. The point is to understand under what conditions. If behind the payment of even minimal compensation or, precisely on the basis of that promise, even free of charge.

Needless to say, the other side of the table also counts a lot. Are Maldini and Massara willing to negotiate by investing a few million? Sensationally not, even if even this cannot be ruled out. And again: do they have an alternative in hand? The always excellent Alessandro Jacobone spoke of a potential negotiation with Edin Dzeko, which would have been offered to both Milanese and would be willing to spread the salary. Dzeko-Roma, however, is a love that never ends and that in recent years has been there to end at least twice without ever reaching the decisive breakthrough. In all this, among other things, one cannot but take into consideration another fact: it is true that Milan want to fill the gaps identified in the squad as soon as possible. Pioli, but it is equally true that we are just in the early days of the market and there is still a lot of time to discuss, talk to each other, negotiate and possibly seek and find alternatives. In short, anything can still happen. Even that a deal that was given up for dead – Giroud-Milan in fact – suddenly reopens and closes positively.


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