The streets of Milan that will be paved between 7 and 12 June 2021

The streets of Milan that will be paved between 7 and 12 June 2021
The streets of Milan that will be paved between 7 and 12 June 2021

Maintenance work continues on Milan’s streets and sidewalks and in the week from 7 to 12 June the construction sites will affect 35 streets in Milan. Here is the detail of the construction sites area by area made known by the councilor for mobility Marco Granelli.

Municipality 9

Asphalting and maintenance work on the carriageway in via Pianell, carriageway and sidewalks in via Palanzone, and the sidewalks in via Alserio; redevelopment works in piazza Dergano and via Ciaia.

Municipality 8

Maintenance work on the sidewalks in via Viscontini from via Lampugnano to n. 7 and redevelopment works for zone 30 of the QT8 district in particular in the Salmoiraghi – Lovere intersection, redevelopment works of Piazza Scolari in Trenno by widening the sidewalk and overcoming architectural barriers, redevelopment works in Corso Sempione to remove cars from the parterre trees, create car parks on the carriageway and create cycle and pedestrian paths

Municipality 7

Solid wood maintenance works in via Parmigianino; redevelopment works in the Quinto Romano district with the De Sica – Piccoli roundabout to improve road safety, works for the redevelopment of the via Monte Rosa cycle path.

Municipality 6

Asphalting and maintenance works in the carriageway of via Ferdinando Santi; redevelopment works in via Gola and Ripa di Porta Ticinese.

Municipality 5

Asphalting and maintenance works in the preferential lane of viale Toscana between Ripamonti and Castelbarco, of the carriageway of via Quaranta, via Marco D’Agrate and via Treccani degli Alfieri; redevelopment works on the Pavese towpath for the construction of the Vento cycle path.

Municipality 4

Redevelopment works in via Rogoredo (asphalting and castellane for greater road safety), piazza Angilberto and via S. Dionigi.

Municipality 3

Asphalting and maintenance works in via Gaio and maintenance of the pavements of via Bertolazzi (even numbers), via Civitavecchia (pavements at the height of via Narni) and via della Sila (odd side).

Municipality 2

Maintenance work on the sidewalks in piazzale Loreto (sidewalks on the Monza-Brianza side), in via dei fontanili, in via Treviso and in via Marco Aurelio (even side); redevelopment works in via Rovereto and in via Padova parking corner via Anacreonte.

Municipality 1

Masselli maintenance work in progress at Porta Ticinese, Turati and Ludovico Ariosto, and maintenance of Piazza S. Angelo with the installation of the pilomat and maintenance of pavements via Regiment of Cavalry of Savoy in front of the barracks.

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