manager dies of heart attack after saving them-

manager dies of heart attack after saving them-
manager dies of heart attack after saving them-

It felt like a beautiful day by the sea on the Portuguese beach silent, about 40 kilometers northwest of Lisbon. On Thursday, the 45-year-old Englishman was among the holidaymakers to enjoy the first sun of June Trevor Pelling, manager of deVere Acuma, a major financial advisory firm based in Dubai. Her two daughters, aged 9 and 12, they played happily in the water. Shortly after 2 pm they began to flounder due to the sudden arrival of one strong ocean current. Since the start of the bathing activities was scheduled for June 12, on the beach there was no lifeguard present. Man therefore did not hesitate to listen to his father’s heart, diving into the waves to help. Mission accomplished to the sound of powerful strokes: after reaching the girls, he had by now managed to take them back to shore safe and sound. Then the drama. Due to the intense physical effort combined with the fright felt in seeing the little ones about to drown, he was in fact caught by a severe heart attack. Which unfortunately was fatal to him.

The last post

For about an hour, after being laid on the beach by some surfers, a nurse tried to revive the hero manager along with other bathers, but there was nothing to do. Thanks to his providential intervention, I am instead the daughters survived, however, transported in stable conditions to the Santa Maria hospital in Lisbon for investigations. Portugal was an intermediate stop to the UK – he wrote on Instagram just a few hours before his death – but the time spent with family here amidst great wine, great views and a delightful relaxed lifestyle totally captivated me, I already see myself coming back here over and over again. Accompanying the evocative image of a sunset over the ocean. That same ocean in which an inclement fate awaited him.

The unheard alarm

A psychologist from the Portuguese maritime police was assigned to assist the victim’s wife and daughters during these hours. Heartbroken Dubai Colleagues: Joined by Mirror, founder and CEO of deVere Nigel Green remembered Pelling as a excellent, generous and talented professional it is claimed that the family must be upset by his tragic death. A spokesperson for the London Foreign Office also said: We are providing support to the family of a British man who sadly drowned in Portugal. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones. Just last month the Portuguese federation of lifeguards reported that they had registered give 46 drownings since the beginning of the year, stating that the lack of controls on the beaches accounted for a really serious problem.

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manager dies heart attack saving Corriereit

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