Italia Viva in the square in Varese, “many innovative ideas and projects”

Italia viva arrives in the square in Varese. On Saturday morning they took part in the gazebo set up in Piazza Monte Grappa Giuseppe Licata, provincial coordinator of Italia Viva, together with Manuela Musciatelli e Nicola Magistretti, the deputy Maria Chiara Gadda and the mayor of Varese Davide Galimberti.

“Italia Viva – declares Licata – confirms also this weekend its presence in the square in Varese, and we will continue to do so regularly even in the neighborhoods because it is essential to listen to people after the difficult months lived, and above all to build together the restart. We are developing many innovative ideas and projects for our wonderful territory, thanks to passionate citizens who have decided to make their contribution. Many young people, and even people who have come back to politics thanks to Italia viva ».

«The rest – adds the provincial coordinator – the objectives achieved nationally, from the birth of the Draghi Government to the recent single and universal check have given a message of concreteness and innovation. We appeal to the many reformists who are in the city, because it is important that at this moment those who want to make their contribution come forward. Varese, with the resources of the Recovery Plan, will be able to grow and develop. The mayor Davide Galimberti has shown concreteness and competence, a necessary condition for these resources to reach the territory. We are there with our ideas and our team ».

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