from July to December up to 1500 euros – Il Tempo

from July to December up to 1500 euros – Il Tempo
from July to December up to 1500 euros – Il Tempo

Filippo Caleri

05 June 2021

Money to families who have children. The government decided yesterday with a rule approved by the council of ministers. For now, the single check, this is the name of the measure, will arrive from 1 July only to self-employed workers, VAT numbers and the unemployed. Nothing on the other hand for those with a subordinate contract. but only because we did not arrive in time with the formulation of a mechanism that avoided that the game of deductions (already present in the paycheck for employees) and the linking of the measure to ISEE income (therefore to equity ratios) could not generate income decreases rather than increases. Thus, pending the implementation of the delegation law relating to the overall reform of the single family allowance, the decree introduced immediately effective measures, of a temporary duration, to support parenthood. At the same time, the note from Palazzo Chigi explained, the current allowances for the family unit have been strengthened.

The law introduces, starting from next July 1st and until December 31st 2021, a temporary allowance (so-called bridge allowance) intended for families with minor children who are not entitled to the current allowances for the family unit. To access it, the applicant’s nucleus must have an Isee of less than 50 thousand euros per year. In addition, the applicant must comply with one of the following requirements:

a) be an Italian citizen or an EU member state, or a family member who holds the right of residence

b) be a citizen of a non-EU state, in possession of an EU residence permit for long-term residents or a residence permit for work or research purposes for at least six months

c) be subject to the payment of income tax in Italy;

b) be domiciled or resident in Italy and have dependent children up to the age of eighteen; be resident in Italy for at least 2 years, even if not continuous, or be the holder of an open-ended or fixed-term employment contract lasting at least six months.

The allowance is paid for each minor child on the basis of the number of children themselves and the economic situation of the family certified by the ISEE. In particular, the amounts decrease as the ISEE level increases. If there are more than two children in the household, the unit amount for each minor is increased by 30% and for each minor child with disabilities, moreover, the amounts are increased by 50 euros.

The average benefit for the period from 1 July to 31 December is € 1,056 per household and € 674 per child. As for the timing, the check is due from the month of submission of the application itself. For those submitted by September 30, 2021, the arrears are paid starting from July 2021. The bridging allowance is compatible with the Citizenship Income and with the use of any other cash measures in favor of dependent children. by the Regions and Municipalities.

News also approved for the concessions in force. Starting from 1 July and up to 31 December of this year, the monthly amounts of the allowance for the family unit already collected are increased by 37.5 euros for each child in favor of families with up to two children, and 55 euros for each child in favor of families of at least three children.

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