Luca De Maglie, the man found dead in a suitcase in Rome in the Pietralata district

Luca De Maglie, the man found dead in a suitcase in Rome in the Pietralata district
Luca De Maglie, the man found dead in a suitcase in Rome in the Pietralata district

A one hundred meter strip that crosses the carriageway and runs along the sidewalk to the door of via Luigi Bellardi 12. Blood transformed into the thread capable of solving the mystery that this morning woke Monte del Pecoraro, an area not far from the Santa metro station Maria del Soccorso, in the Pietralata district. A mystery that began with an Atac driver who, early in the morning, found himself in front of a suitcase from which a head could be glimpsed. In shock he called the police.

The discovery in piazza Federico Sacco

It is 7 am when Piazza Federico Sacco, the place of the discovery, is filled with police cars. The agents of the Sant’Ippolito police station, the first to intervene, did not take long to understand that the body of a man was kept inside that suitcase. Even less do they take us to see the trail. They follow her and arrive in via Luigi Bellardi.

The victim’s partner

The mystery actually begins here, because it is here that Luca De Maglie, 37, died. To reveal it is his partner who lived with him. He reports to the police, in a lucid and immediate way, that it was she “who got rid of the body”, adding that she was not the one to kill him. According to reports on Monday, when she returned home, Luca was already dead. From Monday until last night, her body remained at home with her.

The mysteries to be solved

If his version explains that that body was there, abandoned in the street, it does not explain how Luca De Maglie died and how the same 39-year-old partner and a frail physique managed to transport him there alone. So for the whole morning the forensic police passed those hundred meters of road inch by inch. He also examined the man’s body: pending the autopsy, the absence of signs of violence would emerge, a fact that would remove the hypothesis of murder.

The hypotheses in the field

At the moment the most accredited track would be that of a death, which occurred – according to the testimony of his partner – on Monday. To ascertain it, however, will be the autopsy. The testimony of a neighbor who reported that she smelled “a strong acrid smell in the condominium stairs, an incredible stench that I smelled this morning at 5 when I went out to take out the dog”.

The hypothesis is that in the night, after a five-day vigil, De Maglie’s partner decided to get rid of the body, hiding it for good and better in the suitcase, with garbage bags and scotch tape. However, the autopsy will definitively reveal how De Maglie died.

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