Maneskin, after the drug charges come those for plagiarism | A Dutch group: “Silent and good too much like one of our songs”

05 June 2021 4:52 pm

Joris Lissens, membro della band “The Vendettas” accosta “Zitti e buoni” a “You Want It, You’ve Got It”

Lissens said “I immediately had the impression of hearing a riff of his band “.” These young people – he added – were not yet born at the time of our group. But as the Maneskin themselves said, rock and roll never dies. “The video of the song has popped up these days on YouTube. Many users in the comments have pointed out that the offending riff is a fairly common guitar round and reworked in numerous Among the comments there is also someone who writes: “99% of the people who watched this video did it for Maneskin.

Already in Sanremo on the Maneskin another accusation of plagiarism had rained down: on that occasion “Zitti e buona” was compared to “FDT”, a song recorded in 2015 by the band Anthony Laszlo (duo formed by Anthony Sasso and Andrea Laszlo De Simone).


Maneskin drug charges plagiarism Dutch group Silent good songs

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