Seid Visin, commits suicide at 20. “No victim of racism. Exasperated by the climate in Italy”

Seid Visin, commits suicide at 20. “No victim of racism. Exasperated by the climate in Italy”
Seid Visin, commits suicide at 20. “No victim of racism. Exasperated by the climate in Italy”

Naples, 5 June 2021 – A dramatic story of suicide of a young footballer. Yes, because unlike what was thought yesterday, Seid Visin, Just 20 years old, born in Ethiopia and adopted when he was a child by a family of Nocera Inferiore – former footballer in the Milan youth teams (where it was together with Gigio Donnarumma) and Benevento – he did not die of an illness. Yes is committed suicide. If from the heartbreaking letter written by the boy – but dated a few years ago – the episode could have been linked to one racist trail, the adoptive father excludes firmly any correlation and get to talk about exploitation of Seid’s words.


Suicide (Seid hanged himself in the family home) dates back to two days ago, but the news was confirmed only today. Seid had made his debut in the Milan youth academy, then returned home to study and take the scientific high school diploma. He still played, but in the 5-a-side football team of Atletico Vitalica.

This is the full content of the letter that Said had written and that the association “Mamme per la Pelle” has now shared with a post on Facebook.

“Faced with this particular socio-political scenario that hovers in Italy, I, as a black person, inevitably feel called into question. I am not an immigrant. I was adopted when I was little.

Before this great migratory flow, I remember with a little arrogance that everyone loved me. Wherever I was, wherever I went, wherever I was, everyone turned to me with greatness joy, respect and curiosity. Now, however, this atmosphere of idyllic peace seems so distant; it seems that everything has mystically turned upside down, it seems to my eyes that winter has fallen with extreme impetuosity and vehemence, without warning, during a clear spring day. Now, wherever I go, wherever I am, wherever I am feel on my shoulders, like a boulder, the weight of skeptical, prejudiced glances, disgusted and afraid of people. A few months ago I was able to find a job that I had to leave because too many people, mostly elderly, they refused to be served from me and, as if that were not enough, as if I did not already feel uncomfortable, they also pointed out to me the responsibility of the fact that many young Italians (whites) did not find work.

After this experience inside of me has something changed: as if in my head some unconscious automatisms had been created and by means of which I appeared in public, in society different from what I really am; as if I was ashamed of being black, as if I was afraid of being mistaken for an immigrant, as if I had to prove to people, that they didn’t know me, that I was like them, that I was Italian, that I was white. Which, when I was with my friends, he took me to do bad jokes taste for blacks and immigrants, even with a thundering air I said that I was racist towards blacks, as if to affirm, as if to emphasize that I was not one of them, that I was not an immigrant. The only thing dominating, however, the only thing understandable in my way of doing was fear.

Fear forhate that I saw in the eyes of the people towards immigrants, the fear of the contempt I felt in people’s mouths, even from my relatives who constantly invoked Mussolini with melancholy and called “Captain Salvini”. The disappointment in seeing some friends (I don’t know if I can define them as such) that when they see me they sing the “Casa Pound” chorus in unison. The other day, a friend, also adopted, told me that some time ago while he was playing soccer happy and carefree with his friends, some ladies approached him saying: “Enjoy your time, because tthey will come for you a little while to bring you back to your country “.

With these of mine raw words, bitter, sad, sometimes dramatic, I don’t want to beg for commiseration or pain, but only to remind myself that the discomfort and suffering I am experiencing are a drop of water compared to the ocean of suffering that those people of marked and vigorous dignity are experiencing , who prefer to die rather than lead a life in misery and hell. Those people who risk their lives, and many have already lost it, just to smell, to taste, to taste the flavor of what we simply call Vita“.

Seid’s extreme gesture does not derive from episodes of racism“. It is the statement that i parents of the young man Nocerino talent have entrusted to Telenuova, clarifying in particular that the letter is taken from a Facebook post almost 3 years ago. The parents therefore firmly exclude any correlation between the gesture and the racist trail, and come to speak of exploiting Seid’s words.

“My son he did not kill himself because he was a victim of racism. He has always been loved and well-liked, this morning the church was crowded with young people and families for his funeral “. Walter Visin, adoptive father of the former football player Seid, who about the letter written by the young man two years ago says: “It was a release, he was exasperated by the climate that reigned in Italy. But no connection with his suicide, enough speculation.” As for the causes of what happened, “I don’t want to talk about my son’s personal issues. I’m just saying he was a wonderful man“.

“I met Seid as soon as I arrived in Milan, we lived together in a boarding school, a few years have passed but I cannot and I do not want to forget that incredible smile of his, that joy of life”. Gianluigi Donnarumma, a young goalkeeper of the national football team, tells Ansa of his pain for a traveling companion lost too soon: “He was a friend, a boy like me”.

They are his teammates to greet him on Facebook remembering his smile, “the undisputed talent, the natural extraordinary predisposition to give the ball, which remain etched in our mind” and “the refractoriness” to see football as a source of income. Go away as you arrived, leaving us speechless astonished. A-Dios enormous talent with a fragile heart. “Even more heartbreaking is his farewell psychotherapist, Rita D’Antuono D’Ambrosio, who on June 3 put a huge red heart next to her name in Fb, and then published the boy’s letter.

“A country that pushes a young boy to make such an extreme gesture is a Country that has failed“. Claudio Marchisio, a former Juve player, comments on the suicide of Seid Visin, the twenty-year-old of Ethiopian origins who after a couple of seasons in the Milan youth academy had returned to Nocera Inferiore, where he grew up after being adopted by an Italian family. “We do a little disgust – concludes Marchisio – Everyone. From the center, from the right, from the left”.

“He took his own life. At the age of twenty. He felt the infamous weight of the gaze of racism. Seid Visin’s farewell letter is a punch in the stomach. But what kind of society do we want to be? I hope that a” certain “politics will reflect too. on the consequences of his contemptuous words “. Thus the former Speaker of the Chamber, Laura Boldrini. “If you can, sorry. SeidVisin”. Instead, he writes Enrico Letta, secretary of the Democratic Party. And the Minister of Agricultural Policies, Stefano Patuanelli: “Today everyone is rightly talking about the environment, about ecological transition to save the planet. Sometimes I wonder if we will be able to save ourselves from ourselves”.

“Seid was 20 years old and his whole life ahead. He had arrived in Italy as a child and had lived here practically all his life. Yet, day after day, the color of his skin made him feel more and more excluded from a community, ours. of which he felt a full part – he writes Teresa Bellanova on FB -. Eventually, despair and frustration prevailed. Seid killed himself, because he could no longer bear the racism of the people around him. ” Mara Carfagna, Minister for the South and Territorial Cohesion, expresses closeness “to the family and friends of Seid Visin, struck by a story that tears the heart and demonstrates the tragic consequences of racism. The desperation that emerges from the letter of this very young boy, in the flower of years and energies, it is a stain that must fill anyone who cultivates contempt for others with shame “.

“Now, wherever I go, wherever I am, wherever I am I feel on my shoulders, like a boulder, the weight of people’s skeptical, prejudiced, disgusted and frightened looks”. The indictment against racism written by Seid two years ago was read in its entirety this morning in church of San Giovanni Battista, greeted by a long applause, in the course of funeral. “Good trip champion”, one of the messages posted outside the church by friends who also wore t-shirts with the words “Goodbye brother. Hello talent”.

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