the secret pact with Matteo Salvini – Libero Quotidiano

the secret pact with Matteo Salvini – Libero Quotidiano
the secret pact with Matteo Salvini – Libero Quotidiano

In Come on Italy, those opposed to the federation with the Lega, are convinced that Salvini, with the collaboration of the Azzurri closest to him such as Ronzulli and the group of loyalists, has made them fall into a trap Berlusconi. “That she seduced him, with the promise to support him in an almost impossible race to the Quirinale, and convinced him to give him his creature”, so writes the Corriere della Sera.

The goal would be to create unique Forza Italia-Lega parliamentary groups, then a federation and finally the arrival of a single party, because the Northern League leader wants to challenge for the leadership of the center-right. Giorgia Meloni. So in FI the crisis between the government wing and that of the restricted circle that has access to the Cavaliere is ever deeper. The single party proposed by the Northern League has confused those who believe that Forza Italia cannot die from the League, “only safeguarding the position of the loyalists who would be co-opted by Salvini”, writes the Courier service.

From the inner circle of the Knight instead they explain that it is Berlusconi who is convinced of “using Salvini”, because his goal would be only one: Quirinale. The center-right will be compact, to vote for Berlusconi as President of the Republic, “he would only need 50 votes to reach the goal”. The company is on the verge of impossible and how much Berlusconi really believes in it is difficult to say. His legal affairs and the risk of leaks from Come on Italy. “And where are they going? With Calenda who has 1%? With the left, to die? With Toti, what to do? They will remain in the center-right”. However, the alliance with the League is worrying: “We are not thinking of a single party, but of greater coordination, a kind of House of Freedom. Nobody is thinking of dissolving the party,” said Antonio Tajani. The great resistance comes above all from the ministers Gelmini, and Carfagna, from simple deputies and senators like Giammanco and from the more moderate area of ​​FI.

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secret pact Matteo Salvini Libero Quotidiano

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