Green Pass, Garavaglia turn: “Do like France, open to vaccinated people immediately”

Green Pass, Garavaglia turn: “Do like France, open to vaccinated people immediately”
Green Pass, Garavaglia turn: “Do like France, open to vaccinated people immediately”

Rome, June 5, 2021 – “Il green pass it is the simplest thing in the world: you circulate quietly if vaccinated, if done on buffer or you are healed and you have antibodies. The rules are these, we push that leave tomorrow“. The Minister of Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia, at the Trento Festival of Economics, takes stock of the green certificate or vaccination passport, further explaining what the pass for travel inside and outside our country consists of and accelerating timing and methods. The problem, he notes, “for operators and tourists themselves is knowing how to get around”. And so he explains that “the France says’ from us if they are vaccinated they are all ‘“: so, he insists,” yesterday I called Speranza and told him that France is doing it we must do it too“.

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The Minister of Tourism underlines the differences of our country also with respect to Greece. The latter in fact, “makes arrive with the tampon that lasts 72 hours – he explains -, with us 48: we too have to do it at 72 otherwise we are in trouble“.

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Taking stock of the timing, for the European green pass, explained Garavaglia, it is “a matter of weeks: the deadline given to the European countries is July 1 for operability “. Even if, he remarks,” for me we have to apply these rules tomorrow“, because” those who arrive later lose customers “. Garavaglia stressed that at the European level the discussion remains in” continuous deepening “.” We are discussing – he concluded – refinements but now I think we have we have common rules and simplicity “.

And on the hot topic of vaccine on vacation, Garavaglia says “favorable, but with common sense and if it comes to exceptions: if it concerns a foreign tourist who comes or an Italian who moves for a particularly long period, that’s fine. But if you make it a rule it becomes chaos. It will not be the norm – he underlines – but with common sense you can open up to this possibility “.

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