the G7 taxes the multinationals –

the G7 taxes the multinationals –
the G7 taxes the multinationals –

“The winners of this crisis must make their contribution,” said Gentiloni, alluding to the giants of the technology sector – Amazon, Google, Facebook – who have seen their profits skyrocket thanks to the changes in habits introduced by the pandemic and lockdowns. . A reallocation of taxes. It is underlined that it will have a positive impact not only on the economic level, but more generally on the political and social climate. The “global tax” will become operational in a few years: only at that moment – explained the Italian Minister for the Economy, Daniele Franco – will the countries that have introduced a digital tax, including Italy, eliminate it. This had been a point of friction between the United States and Europeans: the Americans were asking the immediate overcoming of the digital tax, which mainly affects their companies.

“It has been talked about for a long time and an agreement has been found on that line. A debate that had lasted for years has been unlocked ”, Franco pointed out. The agreement reached at the G7 is not definitive: now there will be a need for an agreement at the OECD level, which brings together 139 countries, which will then have to be ratified in the G20, of which Italy has the presidency this year. “But after today’s step, the conditions are in place for a historic agreement at the G20: the thrust of the G7 is formidable,” said Gentiloni. And to those who object that there could be recalcitrant countries, the European Commissioner points out that “it will be difficult to escape from a global train”. Everyone recognized that the change of pace was made possible by the advent of the new American administration, which has once again chosen to favor a multilateral approach: and without the US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, and without her leadership, the result would not have been achieved. “Now that we are emerging from the pandemic – is Gentiloni’s conclusion – we have the opportunity to redesign the global rules”.

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