“Forza Italia’s flight forward with Ciarapica trying to do everything: mayor, president of the Province and deputy”

CIVITANOVA – Silvia Squadroni, who had put forward her candidacy for the 2022 elections, intervenes after the inauguration in the city of the regional headquarters of Berlusconi’s party and the endorsement of Tajani in Ciarapica

June 5, 2021 – 6:18 pm

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Thursday in Civitanova the inauguration of the regional headquarters of Forza Italia with Antonio Tajani

“Ciarapica wants to be president of the province and deputy.” To say it is Silvia Squadroni, who already a year ago announced her descent into the field as a mayoral candidate for Civitanova and who offers a political analysis following the inauguration of the regional headquarters of Forza Italia and the words of the national coordinator Antonio Tajani who on Thursday spent words for Ciarapica of praise: “he is a flagship of Fi, he has the makings of a parliamentarian.”

Silvia Squadroni

Words that did not go unnoticed by Squadroni, which however provides a reading of those statements, between tense internal relations within Fi and municipal ambitions. «The flight forward of Fabrizio Ciarapica self-nominated as the next mayor of Civitanova requires some reflections – underlines Silvia Squadroni, former president of the Tdc and councilor of the center-right junta led by Mobili – it is clear that to be the President of the Province and at the same time also the deputy. How he then managed to convince Antonio Tajani and Francesco Battistoni after the blow of the last regional races is a real mystery. If the call from the Knight to Ciarapica, defined as a Mayor who did well, were to answer the truth, the information chain in Forza Italia knows a lot about minculpop ».

tajani-ciarapica1But the public release by way of coronation according to Squadroni represents a double-edged sword that would not have gone down to the allies, in particular to the Brothers of Italy with which the Squadroni has relations in the national chain of the party: «Forza Italia – he continues – without hearing the allies impale the mayor for the second term. But if he wants to go to Montecitorio why does he persist, after the blow of the regional regions offered by the citizens of Civitanova, to claim to be re-nominated mayor in the spring of 2022? Perhaps because one of the three places guarantees it. However, re-election as mayor is as unlikely as it is impossible, but obviously Tajani and Battistoni don’t know it. Or they do not want to know if they have moved the regional coordination of the party to Civitanova, making many leaders from the Marches angry. A 5-6 percent party that would like to dictate the agenda of the Brothers of Italy. This perseverance in wanting to self-nominate at all costs gives a glimpse of bargaining from a position of strength for a parliamentary seat, combined with the claim to also occupy the chair of President of the Province. And in the meantime in Civitanova the cutting of ribbons, indefinite presidentialism, unrealized and unachievable projects go on. Yet, Villa Eugenia lost, the university, the scientific high school, no roundabout was built, the districts other than the center are left in a state of neglect, not to mention the neglect in the industrial zone 2, Santa Maria apparente is still throttled by traffic problems, as is the entrance to the city from the freeway ».

Tajani inaugurates the regional headquarters of FI Berlusconi’s phone call to Ciarapica: “Gasparri and I will contact you soon”


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