Italy is second in the EU for vaccinated. Yesterday the record: 600 thousand doses

600 thousand vaccinations were reached yesterday in Italy: the figure, at 6 am this morning, was provided by the government and will probably be revised upwards. It is the first time that such a high number of daily doses administered has been reached.

The doses were 598,510 to be exact, of which 444,639 first doses which concerned a total of 24,331,702 people, while they are 12,737,533 people who completed the vaccination cycle for a total of 37,069,235 doses administered. In total, nearly 42 million doses arrived, of which 88.3% have already been administered.

“Thanks to all the men and women of our National Health Service who yesterday allowed us to administer over 600,000 doses of the vaccine. Let’s continue like this. It is the right way”, writes the Minister of Health on Facebook. Roberto Speranza.

And the minister for regional affairs and autonomies, Maria Stella Gelmini, writes on Twitter: “The 600 thousand doses of vaccine inoculated
yesterday in Italy represent an extraordinary result. The positive fruit of the hard work done in recent months. Thanks to the Regions, to Commissioner Figliuolo, to the head of the Civil Protection Curcio. Go ahead with this decisive step “.

Italy is second in the EU for vaccinated, after Germany

Italy is in second place overall in Europe In terms of fully vaccinated population, immediately after Germany and ahead of France and Spain. The structure of Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo communicates this, citing in a note the data published on the Agenas vaccine portal. One of the key factors in the increase in administrations – the note continues – lies in the increase in
vaccination points, which are now 2666 in Italy. To these are being added over 800 made by businesses, companies,
large retailers and other economic operators.

In the European Union, nearly half of adults have received at least one dose. “Latest updates on vaccine deliveries, vaccinations and the percentage of the EU adult population who received at least one first dose as of June 4. Good progress has been made, very soon, half of EU adults will have received at least one dose , while 85 million are already fully vaccinated “writes on Twitter Dana Spinant, a spokeswoman for the European Commission. And he specifies that “325.8 million doses have been delivered in the EU, 260.2 million vaccinations have been made”, while “48% of the EU adult population has already received a first dose”.

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