President Anac: “Worrying steps backwards from the government on anti-corruption, at a time when attention to management should be maximum”

With the last law decree approved on Friday evening by the Council of Ministers on government of Mario Draghi ago “worrying step back in the field of anti-corruption“. The accusation comes directly from the president of Anac, Giovanni Busia, which denounces the risk that competence in the matter will be transferred from its authority to the offices of the Ministry of Public Administration. “They worry about the choices carried out with the latest anti-corruption decree law, precisely at a time when it should be the highest attention towards management transparent of resources, including for the risk of infiltrations organized crime and mafias ”, Busia affirms, referring to the management of resources that will come with the Recovery Fund.

“Se the drafts circulated were confirmed, there is a risk of paving the way for the passage of skills in anti-corruption matters by an independent authority a government offices“, In fact, denounces the president of the National Anti-Corruption Authority. The reference is to the provisions contained inarticle 6 of the Recruitment decree, which regulates the “Integrated activity and organization plan”. Public administrations must adopt it by the end of the year “to ensure the quality and the transparency administrative activity and improve the quality of services “, reads the latest draft of the decree. The plan, according to the text, among other things defines also “the tools and the phases to reach the full transparency of the activity and administrative organization as well as to achieve the objectives relating to anti-corruption“.

According to the draft of article 6, explains Busia, i plans and the check of the obligations regarding transparency and anti-corruption risk moving from the Anac to the offices of the Minister of Public Administration, in the hands of Renato Brunetta. “You would have a definite step back on credibility of our anti-corruption system: one cannot imagine that the ticket inspector be hierarchically subordinate to the controlled, rather than independent from it ”, underlines the president of ANAC.

“No less worrying – continues Busia, who worked with Draghi when he was head of the Treasury department – the choices regarding recruitment. The Anac is not equipped with necessary resources to strengthen the safeguards of legality, reinforcing once again for these purposes only the ministerial structures of the State Accounting Office “, as required by art. 8 of the law decree. “All this, while they even come double the shares of external managers and of political appointment, instead of enhancing resources already hired through competition. I trust in the sensitivity of the government – concludes Busia, who has always worked and collaborated with the Draghi government – for remedy to such obvious errors“.

The decree on recruitment in the public administration to manage the funds of the Recovery it was approved on Friday by the CDM: there will be a total of 24 thousand entries, but to finish, with 36-month contracts that can be extended up to a maximum of 2026, the final year of Next generation Eu. The strengthening of the public administration, therefore, will not be structural. The text provides for thehinging of 16,500 employees at the trial office. Another 5,410 will join the non-executive administrative staff to justice. A thousand experts selected on the basis of the curriculum, they will be hired to support Regions and local authorities in the management of complex procedures. Five hundred people instead they will be hired with a ‘simplified’ competition to support the financial reporting in the administrations assigned to projects.

Earlier this week, interviewed by The print, the same Busia had not instead argued with the government after the creation – in Dl Simplifications – a managerial office within the State Accounting Office “with the functions of auditing the NRP and monitoring anti-corruption”. “The fact that the government is geared up is a useful thing – said the president Anac – and I am happy if there is someone who makes a first check. For this reason it cannot be said that the Anac is emptied. Indeed, its powers were strengthened by that decree, through the use of databases ”, reassured Busia. However, he hoped precisely that his Authority, like the new anti-corruption office, “would be destined human resources e financial, given the amount of work on the horizon “. The latest decree instead excluded the Anac from new hiring.

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