Intesa San Paolo leaves Iolo. Chinese company buys former BPvi properties []

Intesa San Paolo leaves Iolo. Chinese company buys former BPvi properties

The Seano one, on the other hand, was bought by two Italian entrepreneurs who are transforming it into a supermarket and a restaurant

From next Monday, June 7, Iolo will no longer have a bank. Indeed, Intesa San Paolo leaves the historic building in via XXVII aprile and centers offices and branches at the agency in via Traversa il Crocifisso in the heart of Macrolotto Uno. In fact, the building was sold by the Popolare di Vicenza in liquidation to the company KY srl of Prato owned by a Chinese, Ni Xixi, and by the company Jd Number. Chief Executive Chen Shengrong resident in the city. The company, which specializes in real estate with a share capital of 10 thousand euros, has also bought from BPVI the large building in Viale della Repubblica which has long been vacated by Intesa San Paolo. Outside the gate stands the “for sale” sign. The buildings the BPVI is getting rid of to recover sums to be allocated to creditors are many, large and all to be transformed to adapt them to the new urban and real estate needs of the areas where they fall. It is probable, but not yet certain, that both the Iolo building and the one in Viale della Repubblica will be transformed into residences.

KY srl also bought half of the headquarters in via Traversa del Crocifisso from BPVI where the bank currently owns the other half and where, as mentioned, the Iolo branches will soon be moving.

The large former headquarters of the bank that dominates the entrance to Seano (photo above) was bought by two Italian entrepreneurs from the area, David Vannini and Massimo Giurranna. Work is underway to change the internal layout of the premises where a supermarket and restaurant should be located.



Intesa San Paolo leaves Iolo Chinese company buys BPvi properties notiziedipratoit

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