Coronavirus Tuscany, June 5 bulletin: 154 cases, 8 deaths

Coronavirus Tuscany, June 5 bulletin: 154 cases, 8 deaths
Coronavirus Tuscany, June 5 bulletin: 154 cases, 8 deaths

Sixteen new subjects infected between Livorno e province (6 in the city, the others distributed as follows: Collesalvetti 1, Castagneto Carducci 1, Rosignano Marittimo 1, Capoliveri 4, Portoferraio 4) in bulletin of the Tuscany Region today, Saturday 5th June, anticipated as usual by the governor Giani and also published on the site TuscanyNews in the section Coronavirus. Therefore, the number of people who tested positive for the year rose to 17,384 SARS-CoV-2 from the beginning of the emergency in the Livorno area, while in Tuscany in the last 24 hours they are recorded in all 154 new cases (or 21 more than in the previous monitoring).

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Coronavirus Tuscany, the relationship between positive cases and swabs

Comparing the regional data with those of yesterday, overall it is a increase of almost also in terms of percentage if related to the number of tampons: excluding the control ones, 2.55% of the 6,019 subjects tested were in fact positive compared to 2,20% yesterday when 6,051 people were tested. Considering instead the totality of the molecular and antigenic swabs carried out (18,622 against 17,521 yesterday), or including the control tests, the percentage of positivity stands at 0.82% against 0.76% yesterday.

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About the new positivity, the Region informs that themiddle age is around 36 years old (26% are under 20 years old, 30% between 20 and 39 years old, 30% between 40 and 59 years old, 12% between 60 and 79 years old, 2% are 80 years old or older), while in the bulletin today no information is provided about clinical states and other particular situations. Also noteworthy is 8 deaths, with the total rising to 6,749: a figure that is in any case definitely exceeded by healings overall which, with today’s 425, rise to 229,320 (94.6% of total cases).

Coronavirus Tuscany: deaths, recoveries, hospitalizations and intensive care

As for the current situation, the number of children is reduced for the 59th consecutive day patients under treatment in Tuscany which are 6,147 (-4.34% compared to -5.42% recorded yesterday and -4.56% on 3 June) by virtue of the 242,216 infected since the beginning of the emergency, 229.320 viral healings (the so-called “negative”, negative test results repeated twice after 24 hours), none clinical recovery (no more symptoms but not yet negativized) and 6,749 deaths.

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Finally, the situation of the hospitalizations which are a total of 407 (38 fewer than yesterday and 62 fewer than 3 June): among these there are 311 ordinary hospitalized patients (33 fewer than yesterday) and 96 in intensive care (5 less than yesterday). Finally, people in home isolation (5,740, 241 less than yesterday).

All data are visible from 6.30 pm on the website of the Regional Health Agency at this address:

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