“Your bad song and your embarrassing performance…” – Baritalia News

“Your bad song and your embarrassing performance…” – Baritalia News
“Your bad song and your embarrassing performance…” – Baritalia News

Wild Lucarelli, a journalist with a sharp pen, whenever she deems it she goes down hard on whoever she believes is wrong and always responds to any provocation that is inappropriate for her. The last to come into his sights was Emma. Let’s see what happened.

Emma Marrone’s post on Eurovision

Emma Marrone, took a stand on the Maneskin demonstration and wrote a post that eventually became anti-sexism.

Emma wrote on social media: “Like when at Eurovision I presented myself with a rock song like “My city” but many Italians were indignant at a stage shorts. They took me for a ride. And instead today Damiano dei Maneskin bare chested and in high heels he is cool. The fact is that there is still a lot of sexism around”.

Selvaggia Lucarelli against Emma Marrone

After the post of Emma, ​​Selvaggia Lucarelli he answered in part by attacking her, in part by complimenting her. But the attack part was, as it is in the style of the Lucarelli, really heavy.

Wild Lucarelli wrote: “I have respect for Emma Marrone, but honestly, the song was bad, he positioned himself very badly and on stage there performance was quite embarrassing. This even if she showed up in a ski suit. The look of the singers is always commented because it is part of the scaffolding, of the performance, especially at Eurovision. We don’t bother with sexism when it’s not needed. Thank you. Even because you are much smarter than what you said, Emma”.

And in the meantime Emma has organized herself for the recovery that will see her perform in Verona.

A few days ago, after the death of Franco Battiato, Emma he said: “In the morning when the news of his death came, my heart broke into a thousand pieces. I had the same feeling when he died my friend Pino Daniele. After so many years in this profession, it seems to me that I have had to struggle three times as many as many other artists. I have suffered criticism, prejudice, even unpleasant words from the press. Still, the people who really respected me so much were the greats of music, the ones that will last forever, when the songs were called songs and not hits. Having their respect was the drive to believe in what I do. Every now and then he called me, greeted me, we talked about music. I will never forget the holiday at his home in Sicily. When he came to wake me up at five and I said to him “master but it’s dark” and he “let’s go to the sea“. And I was going. Emma Marrone of Amici and Franco Battiato, talking for hours. What do they have to do together? Here is perhaps something that has to do with it. And for me it is important to remember it ».

And then, again: «I have learned that I still have many things to learn. Fortunately I know that I do not know, and for this I have the possibility to always go and search for something new. They define me brave, I prefer coherent. I’m the one photographed for Bauli in the square in Rome, but I’m also here with my production, for a show with 60 people in tow. They are not just words ».

But then he also recounted his emotions: «I’ve been trying to cry since this morning and I can’t, I need to cry. I don’t want to disappoint anyone. Especially my workers, who for years have held my hand making me feel the best artist in the world ».

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