Rome, Raggi misses the month of the bombing of San Lorenzo: “Sindaca reviews history”

Rome, Raggi misses the month of the bombing of San Lorenzo: “Sindaca reviews history”
Rome, Raggi misses the month of the bombing of San Lorenzo: “Sindaca reviews history”

Errare humanum est. But persevering can become a diabolical as well as “unsustainable” habit for the capital of Italy. The Eternal City in a few days has become the protagonist of literally historical mistakes. After the plaque dedicated to “Azelio” Ciampi now comes the wrong date of the bombing on the Roman quarter of San Lorenzo. Mayor Virginia Raggi does it directly on her Facebook page where yesterday, June 4, she commemorated the anniversary of the Liberation of Rome.

The flickering memoria
Too bad that the memory has wavered a lot: because the month in which the historic event happened is July and not May as the first town wrote. Before the mistake was corrected, a riot broke out on social media. Many have noticed the unforgivable mistake, yet another, against the city. Among all the direct and hairless attack on the web by “Liberare Roma” which points straight to the first town and its “scholastic” past: “Virginia Raggi! in May 1943. You, rather, postponed to September in history and in Italian! The exams never end! “After the report, the staff of the mayor, the same one who some time ago had exchanged the arena of Nimes in France with the Colosseum ran for cover and changed the month, but the web does not forgive, and above all it does not forget, and the screenshot with the “typographic body” of the crime went around the net.

The song by Francesco De Gregori
“After the publication of the post of Liberare Roma, on the Mayor Raggi’s page the obvious error in the date was corrected in a hurry,” the movement then added in a note. A “distraction” that many Romans experienced as a lack of respect for an episode that remained in the walls, in the streets, in the “flesh” of the city. I still live in the neighborhood one step away from Sapienza. Francesco De Gregorio dedicated to him one of his most intense songs “San Lorenzo” on the Titanic album. A few verses:

“The bombs fell like snow on July 19 in San Lorenzo, after the bombing of the Verano, the dead come back to the surface
and there are more than a hundred bombs fell in San Lorenzo and a man was looking at his hand seen from the Vatican they looked like sparks
man collects her hand
and the dead are a thousand ”.

The double gaffe in the plaque dedicated to Ciampi
The crash follows another one a few hours later which joins the one, relaunched internationally, of the missing letter in the name of Ciampi on the plaque in his honor on the Lungotevere Aventino. After having placed the correct one, another mistake was not noticed: the dates of birth and death were inserted in line with the words President of the Republic. As if she had had that job all her life, receiving it as soon as she was born.

Returning to the mistake of the month, here is the original text of Raggi’s message:

“Today, on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the Liberation of Rome, I met the partisan Mario Di Maio at Porta San Paolo, who witnessed the bombing of San Lorenzo on July 19, 1943. Today Mario is 92 years old and every year I meet him with all ceremonies to remember important anniversaries for the city such as today.
It is always a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to speak with him, he is a well-known man in the San Lorenzo district, even if he no longer lives there ».

The original message
“A few years ago I had the honor of receiving him at the Capitol to hand him the medal that Roma Capitale coined to celebrate the 70th anniversary of our Italian Constitution.
Mr. Mario, at the time of the bombing of San Lorenzo, saved a child who was injured. Mario became a partisan just like his father. There are many citizens who, like them, fought to free our city from the Nazi-Fascist occupation. Today Rome is a proudly anti-fascist city and it is also thanks to people like Mario. Just think that, in his life, he has also dedicated himself to poetry: he is the author of a little story about the bombing of San Lorenzo ».
“Without memory there is no future. And remembering the stories of people like Mario Di Maio is a way to know, understand and recognize the values ​​and ideals that unite us all, even today “concluded the mayor. itself which it seemed to be lacking with yet another Capitoline gaffe.

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