Coronavirus data in Italy today, Saturday 5 June

In the last 24 hours in Italy, 2,436 positive cases of coronavirus and 57 deaths due to COVID-19 have been detected. Currently the hospitalized are 5,981 (343 less than yesterday), of which 788 in the intensive care wards (48 less than yesterday) and 5,193 in the other wards (295 less than yesterday). 113,191 molecular swabs and 125,441 antigenic rapid tests were analyzed. The percentage of positive molecular swabs was 2.0 percent, while that of antigen tests was 0.1 percent. On Friday, 2,557 infections were recorded and 73 deaths.

The regions that have recorded more cases in the last 24 hours are Lombardy (436), Campania (307), Sicily (234), Lazio (210), Piedmont (189).

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