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Seid Visin, the funeral of the suicidal soccer player at 20-

Seid Visin, the funeral of the suicidal soccer player at 20-
Seid Visin, the funeral of the suicidal soccer player at 20-

Now, wherever I go, wherever I am, wherever I am I feel on my shoulders, like a boulder, the weight of people’s skeptical, prejudiced, disgusted and frightened looks. The indictment against racism written two years ago by Seid Visin, the 20-year-old footballer who took his own life Thursday in Nocera Inferiore, was read in its entirety this morning in the church of San Giovanni Battista, greeted by a long applause, during the funeral. But according to i parents of the boy there is no correlation between his suicide and the episodes of racism he described in 2019. They declared this themselves to the local newspaper Telenuova from Salerno, explaining: Seid’s extreme gesture does not derive from episodes of racism.

Seid Visin: all the insights

The funeral

Have a good trip champion, one of the messages posted outside the church by friends who also wore T-shirts with the words Goodbye Brother. Hi talent. The mayor of Nocera Inferiore Manlio Torquato gave a short speech: I mourn the death of Seid, for his very young age, for the way he left, for his story, for his father Walter and his mother. For his friends, the boys of his age who loved and admired him for his talent, his elegance.

Who was Seid Visin

Visin, born in Ethiopia, was adopted as a child and was raised in Nocera Inferiore, city of the adoptive parents Walter and Maddalena. He had begun to cultivate his talent for football from childhood: he played in the Sensale football school until he was ten, then moved on to Calcio Azzurri in Torre Annunziata. At 14 he moved to Milan where he played in the youth academy of Milan for two seasons. He had befriended him Gianluigi Gigio Donnarumma, 22 years old. We lived together in boarding school, a few years have passed but I cannot and do not want to forget that incredible smile of hers, that joy of life. He was a friend, a boy like me, said the national team goalkeeper. In 2016, Visin had left Milan to return to Campania, where he wore the Benevento shirt. In 2016, however, he had decided to say goodbye to professional football to focus on his studies and had returned to Nocera Inferiore. He had recently committed to Atletico Vitalica, a five-a-side football team. The suicide – at first there was talk of an illness – took place on Thursday, in the family home.

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