17 removal orders – Corriere.it

17 removal orders – Corriere.it
17 removal orders – Corriere.it

The infamous «grove of RogoredoDespite the numerous and repeated evictions, it has returned to attract many drug addicts not only from Milan but from all over Lombardy: recently the Quaestor issued 16 new compulsory street papers intended for visitors to the area. Many of these young people they try to scrape together the money for the “dose” by begging on the yellow subway line (Rogoredo is the penultimate stop of line 3, before the San Donato terminus), and not infrequently disturb and frighten passengers with their insistence.

For this, on the evening of Thursday 3 June, the Milan Police Headquarters set up a control service, carried out by the policemen of the Polmetro of the General Prevention Office, with the support of the specialists of the Anticrime Police Division. The result, after a check on 150 passengers, was 17 orders for removal from the entire transport infrastructure, with the contestation of 17 administrative sanctions.

The recipients of the removal orders (15 residents in Milan, one in the province of Varese and one in Lecco, of which 4 women between 18 and 26 years old – 3 foreigners and one Italian – e 13 men between 21 and 68 years old – 3 foreigners and 10 Italians), will no longer be able to go up to begging on the Milanese subway. If in the future they are again surprised, on the same means, to engage in harassing behavior, they will be affected by the so-called “Urban Daspo“. From a safety point of view, in the prevention initiative it was the ATM security service was also involved, which has made available some of its security officers, who have provided a useful contribution to the police.

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