Maturity 2021, support teacher appointed by the commission president

Final state exam of the second cycle of education as 2020/21, support teacher: by whom and when he is appointed.

Before going into the specifics of the topic, let’s remember what the Maturity 2021 exam consists of and when it takes place and the composition of the exam commissions.

Exam 2020/21

The final state exam of the second cycle of education as 2020/21, as we read in the OM n. 53 of March 3, 2021, consists of a only oral exam.

The final grade is expressed in hundredths and is the result of the sum of the scores attributed to interview (i.e. the exam) – for a maximum of 40 points – and those aschool credit requirements – for a maximum of 60 points.

The exam is passed by achieving the minimum score of sixty cents (60/100).

The exam session starts on the day June 16 at 08.30 with the start of the talks; on 14 June, on the other hand, again at 8.30, the commissions (president and commissioners of the two combined classes) meet in plenary session at the assignment institute.


As in the previous school year, due to the epidemiological emergency still in progress, the commissions have a different configuration than the “ordinary” one, as they are made up of only internal members (six) and an external president.

The commissioners were appointed by the competent class councils according to the criteria indicated in article 12, paragraph 2, of OM n. 53/2021. As for the presidents, the appointments were arranged by the manager in charge of the USR. Learn more about the criteria for appointing commissioners and appointing presidents

Read here to learn about the nominee presidents

Appoint support teachers

Support teachers, co-owners of the class, they are not designated by the relevant class council, like the other members of the commission, e their appointment takes place subsequently.

It is up to the president of the commission to proceed with the aforementioned appointment, as we read in article 20, paragraph 4, of the aforementioned ordinance no. 53/21, article specifically dedicated to the examination of pupils with disabilities.

The president of the commission, as the aforementioned article prepares, proceeds to appoint the support teacher (and any other figures who have supported the student during the school year):

  1. based on the indications in the document of May 15;
  2. acquired the opinion of the subcommittee, which includes the teachers of the class attended by the pupil with disabilities.

We emphasize that it is a possibility but not an obligation (article 20/4):

For the preparation and carrying out of the exam, the subcommittee can avail itself of the support of the teachers and experts who followed the student during the school year. The support teacher and any other figures supporting the student with disabilities are appointed by the chairman of the commission on the basis of the indications of the class council document, after having obtained the opinion of the sub-commission.

The aforementioned appointment naturally occurs before the beginning of the examination session, during the meeting of the individual sub-committee.

Differentiated or simplified IEP, when graduating from secondary school

Maturity 2021: internal commission, document of May 15, maxiorale. Guides, legislation, advice, videos [SPECIALE]

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