Rare coins, check if you have this: it’s worth € 12,000!

Finding it at home would make you a not indifferent gift: here’s how to recognize it and why it is so special. Here are all the necessary details

What if we told you you might have over 10,000 euros at home without even knowing it? It is not a joke, but the pure reality is linked to the phenomenon of rare coins. In fact, among all those currently circulating or kept at home, there are thousands that are considered extremely precious and that they are worth a fortune.

All this, in fact, without even the owner himself knowing. Because although the movement of rare coins is widespread in Italy, this is obviously not known even by the most common citizens. So it often happens that real gold bars pass through our hands that we could resell at super prices but that instead, unwittingly, we give away to buy bread, milk or other objects.

Do you have this coin? It is very rare

But among the precious pieces that could make you a big gift to change your life there are not only the current euros, but also and above all the old money. Those of another era and now almost impossible to find, like the old lire.

That’s why finding one from 1925, especially if it is gold, could change your day. Pieces that we could have inherited from a grandfather and that we may have appreciated only for the gold, but not for the coin itself. The Numismatica Varesina site, which specializes in buying and selling these coins, sells it for example to 12.000 euro.

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Which is why, actually finding it at home, would yield roughly the same amount unless there are serious signs of wear which in the end would also be amply justified. Unless the currency is in dire straits, at worst you could at least get it a 5,000 euros.

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