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I Days of Play, Sony’s recurring promotion that celebrates the best of PlayStation platforms every spring, is not over yet, and you still have some time to take advantage of the many discounts available. Last week we brought you what we think are the best video games on offer for Days of Play – from The Last of Us Part 2 to Red Dead Redemption 2, up to Dragon Quest XI S – while today we focus on the best stocks for less than 5 euros. It only takes a few bucks to enjoy some of the best experiences of the past generation, indie and otherwise, and now we show it to you!

Titanfall 2 (€ 3.99 until June 10)

Are you playing Apex Legends and have you been fascinated by the Titanfall lore that made a strong comeback during Season 9? Then this is the right time to buy Titanfall 2, hands down one of the best shooters of the past generation, back on offer at a price that is really hard to resist.

Contrary to its predecessor, Titanfall 2 also offers an exciting single-player campaign, which despite a not excellent longevity (but still in line with the genre) stands out for a variety of situations and enviable scenarios, as well as for different goodies of game design. The other great qualities of the production reside in the satisfying feeling with the weapons, in the exaltation that one feels when driving the mighty titans and in the parkour mechanics, which transform the gameplay into a galvanizing dance made of rapid slides, jumps and runs on the walls. The multiplayer sector is also excellent, well-kept, well balanced and full of modes enhanced by a good design of the maps.

Spending 2 euros more you can buy the Ultimate Edition, which includes several customization items and the Jump Start Pack for multiplayer (all Titans unlocked, all Pilot Tactical Systems unlocked, 500 tokens to unlock gear, cosmetics and gear, 10 Double XP tokens).

Yoku’s Island Express (4.99 euros until 10 June)

A miniature postman is the protagonist of Yoku’s Island Express, a 2D platformer that drops pinball mechanics into a metroidvania scaffolding. When he landed on the island of Mokumana, the protagonist just wanted to enjoy life by sunbathing and delivering packages in a tropical paradise. However, an ancient deity has been trapped in a restless sleep, and now it’s up to him to help the inhabitants and find a solution to the problem.

The graphic presentation of Yoku’s Island Express is vibrant and fresh, but the original game formula that mixes very different genres to create a mix outside the box, in which the spirit of observation, quick reflexes and curiosity play a decisive role in completing the challenges of the island and the tasks of its extravagant inhabitants. The title developed by Villa Gorilla on behalf of Team 17 greatly surprised our Francesco Fossetti, who in his review of Yoku’s Island Express awarded him with an excellent score of 9! On the PlayStation Store you will also find a playable demo, which you can download for free to get an even better idea about the game.

Outlast (3.79 euros until June 19)

If you are a fan of horror games or are in the mood for some healthy scare, then Outlast is perfect for you. The protagonist of the adventure is Miles Upshur, a free-lance journalist who, following an anonymous report, goes to a remote psychiatric hospital in Colorado to investigate the mysterious events that take place within its walls.


The strength of Outlast lies in its way of conveying the sense of terror, which is exacerbated by the first person view and by theinability to fight of the protagonist: whenever he is discovered by his enemies he is in fact forced to flee to hide in the ravines of the asylum and wait patiently for the danger to pass. During the adventure can also rely only on one camera, the only tool that allows him to see in the dark, the use of which is linked to the discovery of the batteries in the settings.

When purchasing Outlast, we recommend that you also combine his own DLC The Whistleblower, as deserving as the original experience and offered for just € 1.79.

Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun (4,99 euro fino all’19 giugno)

Let’s change genre once again to get to Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, a hardcore isometric tactical stealth game set in Japan during the Edo period. At the command of a team of lethal specialists with extraordinary abilities, you must use the darkness to sneak beyond enemy lines and foil the conspiracies perpetrated by the rebels led by the mysterious Kage-sama, through a long and demanding campaign.


The tactic to be used is completely at your discretion: You can set traps, poison opponents or completely avoid contact as you infiltrate mighty castles, monasteries located on snow-capped mountains or hidden forest encampments. The group is made up of very different characters, each with their own story to discover. They don’t seem to get along very well at first, but over the course of their missions they will nevertheless begin to trust each other. If you still have doubts, you can read our review of Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun for PS4 or download the free trial version dal PlayStation Store.

Limbo (€ 2.29 until June 19th)

Many years and two whole generations have passed since the launch of Limbo, but like any self-respecting great game, thePlaydead’s first work never goes out of style. Minimalist, no frills and no interface: in Limbo nothing can distract your attention from a desolate world outlined entirely in black and white through suggestive and distressing plays of light.


Uncertain about his sister’s fate, the child protagonist ventures into a forest on the edge of hell, where his innermost fears and immense dangers await him in the form of giant spiders and hostile tribes. In his shoes you are called to live a whispered and never completely explicit story, solving always challenging environmental puzzles that in some circumstances require a good deal of lateral thinking. Read the Limbo review to find out the reasons that make it an unmissable game.

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