Treviso, with the new department of Gynecology, the Women’s Prevention House is born

Treviso, with the new department of Gynecology, the Women’s Prevention House is born
Treviso, with the new department of Gynecology, the Women’s Prevention House is born

Center of Medicine takes a further step towards the women of the area. Among the innovations presented on Saturday morning in the inauguration ceremony in what is identified as a space dedicated to prevention for women, the most important was the birth of the new Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics. In the new raised floor (expansion works completed in just 9 months, for a further thousand square meters), which gave way to the internal and external aesthetic restyling of the Villorba outpatient clinic, 6 of the 12 new outpatient clinics were dedicated to Gynecology, with latest generation gynecological ultrasound scanners, where the woman can be followed in her different stages of age and for all the needs concerning her health by a team of about 20 specialists.

The new floor saw the installation of a new lift and a general modernization of the internal and external structure (around 360 employees work there, including medical specialists and support staff, a reference for around 150,000 patients every year). Furthermore, among the novelties, new clinics dedicated to Dermatology and Otorhinolaryngology (ENT). An absolute novelty, a wing of the new floor is dedicated to Dentistry and Stomatology, with 5 dental units and 2 sterilization rooms, a service that makes use of the most advanced techniques and highly experienced and professional specialists.

“I strongly believe in the topic of screening at all levels – said in her speech the president of the V Veneto Region Health Commission, Sonia Brescacin – So I consider all investments in early diagnosis and prevention to be of general interest, fundamental not only for us women but for the entire population. I thank the doctors and workers of the Group for the work they do. In the future I see more and more a new way of relating, between public and accredited private, a collaboration destined to go a long way “.

A space for women where you can find paths dedicated to youth prevention, physiological pregnancy control and prenatal diagnosis, cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment in menopause, Medically Assisted Procreation, thanks to the synergy with the other services of the outpatient clinic. “The pandemic has taught us the value of health, above the economy, but it has also changed the way of doing healthcare and of conceiving spaces, which are larger and more comfortable, safer for those who work there and for patients. – said the CEO of the Medical Center Group, Vincenzo Papes – With this intervention we have also inaugurated a new internal organization in Departments, dedicated to specialist branches, with excellent equipment and professionals who communicate with each other. In recent months we have continued to invest in the awareness that growth is fundamental, we will say the only way, to provide adequate responses to the health needs of the population ”.

Another novelty of the day that concerned the prevention of women, the equipment in the Radiology on the ground floor of the new 3D mammograph with “smart curve” tomosynthesis that soon, within six months, an MRI 1 will also be available for second level investigations, 5 tesla. “It is essential that women are sensitive to prevention because it is the fundamental weapon against breast cancer – explained the senologist Stefania Gava – Thanks to tomosynthesis we can carry out even more precise investigations. This is a technology that helps the specialist and makes the instrumental clinical examination really effective, even in the case of young women and dense breasts “. A concept also underlined by the president of Lilt Treviso, Alessandro Gava.

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