dies on vacation at the age of 45

He died saving his two young daughters while on a family vacation to Calada Beach, Encarnacao, northwest of Lisbon, Portugal. The girls, 9 and 12 years old, had entered the sea to play, when at one point they started having difficulties due to the strong current. Now they are for a check-up at the Santa Maria hospital in the Portuguese capital. While for their father Trevor Pelling there was nothing to do. The 45-year-old financial advisor was in cardiac arrest when first responders, some surfers who were in the area, rescued him in the water. Some of those present, including a nurse, spent nearly an hour trying to save him before he was pronounced dead.

He saves his daughters, then dies

The events took place on Thursday 3 June. It was just after 2 pm when two girls at Calada Beach began to flounder in the sea due to the current. There were no lifeguards in the area, as bathing activities officially begin on 12 June. And so Trevor threw himself into the sea to save them: he managed to bring both the little ones to shore, but while he was returning he suffered a heart attack. Surfers took him to the beach, and the locals – along with a nurse – tried to practice the resuscitation maneuver for at least an hour. However, there was nothing to be done. The daughters were in stable condition when they were taken to the Santa Maria hospital in Lisbon for a medical examination.

Who was Trevor Pelling

On the Linkedin profile Trevor Pelling described himself as a manager who lived in Abu Dhabi and worked for deVere Acuma, one of the largest financial advisory agencies in the world. The group’s CEO, Nigel Green, told the Mirror that Pelling was a “generous and talented” employee. Colleagues were “devastated” by the tragedy.


dies vacation age

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