official title and details from the playtest –

official title and details from the playtest –
official title and details from the playtest –

Forza Motorsport was the protagonist of a first session of playtest a limited number which was staged in May, from which several novelties emerged that have been collected in various details in the video shown on this page.

The new livestream of the Forza Monthly series has brought several information about the new Forza Motorsport, currently in development at Turn 10 for Xbox Series X|S and PC, announced with a first teaser trailer during last summer’s Xbox Showcase but still probably quite distant, destined to come out as next gen exclusive.

The playtest staged a May has given excellent results, better than expected according to Turn 10, and there will be more to come soon. The test focused mainly on the multiplayer elements of the game and some basic mechanics on the driving model.

Among the evolutions applied there is a new one tire collision pattern and therefore the adherence of the cars to the ground. In general, the innovations introduced to the driving model, reportedly, would be superior as an evolution from Forza Motorsport 7 to the new chapter compared to all the evolutions seen by Forza Motorsport 2 to 7.

It is essentially a genuinely generational leap, larger than any evolution seen from chapter to chapter earlier in the series. The tire collision issue is based on a redesigned 360 Hz engine based on 8 contact points, compared to the previous one which only had a contact point at 60 Hz, which should return a much more realistic behavior of the car on the road.

Novelties have also been introduced in the impact on curbs and in general the road edges, capable of generating different reactions than before, much more consistent based on the angle of impact, speed and the situation of the tires. The different types of the latter have different and more impactful effects, especially based on weather conditions and the road surface.

In the race it will be possible to change the amount of fuel to be put in the tank, without being forced to always fill up. THE environmental factors they will have greater impact on the race, given by the integrity and cleanliness of the surfaces, the change in weather conditions and time and more.

The official title is Forza Motorsport, so it no longer has the accompanying number, which reinforces the idea that it is a sort of stable “platform” that will be constantly updated and expanded over the course of the generation. The next playtest is expected in the course of the summer.

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