Maneskin, from Holland accusations of plagiarism for ‘Shut up and good’

Maneskin, from Holland accusations of plagiarism for ‘Shut up and good’
Maneskin, from Holland accusations of plagiarism for ‘Shut up and good’

After the ramshackle allegations of drug use by Damiano David at Eurovision, the Maneskins are now suspected of plagiarism. The song ‘Zitti e buona’, triumphant first in Sanremo and then in Rotterdam, according to Belgian media would be ‘excessively’ reminiscent of the song ‘You want it, you’ve got it’ recorded in 1994 by the Dutch group ‘The Vendettas’. “The question is whether this is plagiarism,” Joris Lissens, member of The Vendettas, tells Dutch broadcaster RTL. The artist’s words are repeatedly taken up in Belgium and France, where the media have given ample space to the surreal allegations of cocaine use by Damiano David, the Maneskin frontman, during the Eurovision. “These young people – says Lissens referring to the members of the Roman band – were not yet born at the time of our group. But as Maneskin said, rock and roll never dies”. The broadcaster Bfmtv publishes online the two songs in comparison: “Get an idea”.

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Meanwhile, on social media, Italian Maneskin fans have been grappling with another news since yesterday. The farewell of the Roman band to manager Marta Donà who followed them from ‘X Factor’ to the Eurovision Song Contest, where she cheered and cried together with the four boys. “We spent 4 unforgettable years full of dreams to be fulfilled and projects realized. I brought you this far. From now on you have decided to continue without me. My heart is broken but I wish you the best in life guys”, wrote the manager on social media, not denying surprise and regret for the band’s decision to take another path. Among the hypotheses, that of the arrival of an international management for the Maneskin, intent on riding success at Eurovision to conquer other markets.


Maneskin Holland accusations plagiarism Shut good

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