Italy could administer the second dose of the vaccine on vacation to foreign tourists

Italy could administer the second dose of the vaccine on vacation to foreign tourists
Italy could administer the second dose of the vaccine on vacation to foreign tourists

Not only the second dose of the vaccine anti-Covid in holiday for Italian tourists, but also the hypothesis of administering the recall to foreign tourists. Talking about it this morning is the Minister of Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia, at the Trento Festival of Economics. Even for foreigners, however, there will be important limitations: in fact, the hypothesis of a second dose on holiday is excluded, as is also true for Italians. For Italy, the distinction will concern the length of stay, trying to give the second dose in another region to those who will stay there for a long time, perhaps because they are away from home and returning to their city or because they are seasonal workers. A very similar principle should apply to foreigners, as Garavaglia explains: “I am in favor with common sense of the second vaccination dose for foreign tourists who come to Italy or for Italians who travel for a particularly long period. The Regions, some more or less, have achieved important coverage and this summer we may have some margins to deal with these exceptions”.

The second dose of the vaccine in Italy for foreign tourists

However, Garavaglia underlines the concept of exception, already remarked in recent days regarding vaccination in a region other than one’s own. “Of course, if it becomes a rule it becomes chaos”, Garavaglia continues. The minister has confidence in the Regions, which “they know how to organize themselves very well“, But reiterates that”a roof will be built”To the requests of those who want to get vaccinated in a place other than the one they come from. However, it is necessary to organize for provide this service to tourists, also to attract them to Italy: “Not offering this service if someone else provides it means you have a lower quality service. With common sense you can open up to this possibility”.

The Green pass and the opening to the vaccinated

Garavaglia also talks about the European Green pass, on which it is in progress “a continuous deepening, we discuss refinements, but I think we are now, it is a matter of weeks, finally we will have common rules and simplicity, the problem for operators and tourists themselves is knowing how to move. France says ‘if they are vaccinated they all come to us’, yesterday I called Speranza and I told him that we must do it too. Greece does arrive with the buffer that lasts 72 hours and we 48, we also have to do 72 hours, otherwise we are in difficulty”.


Italy administer dose vaccine vacation foreign tourists

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