one million for a frame, eighty thousand euros for a wing-

one million for a frame, eighty thousand euros for a wing-
one million for a frame, eighty thousand euros for a wing-

I know Gilles Villeneuve had raced nowadays he would have had to change his driving style. Smashing a car has always been a problem, but in the modern day Formula 1 of cost control is even more so. The prices of the parts are not those of the body shop. Destroy a front wing? They are 80-85 thousand euros, the cost of a Maserati SUV.

The suspensions? It can exceed one hundred thousand euros (for each element). Citizen GPs are liked for the emotions of the single-seaters that touch the walls, but they make the mechanics tremble and those behind a desk are responsible for making ends meet. Even on Friday in Baku there were moments of apprehension when Charles Leclerc baptized the barrier at the exit of turn 15: a very small setback compared to the bang of the pole in Montecarlo, he was looking for the limit. The evidence is also used for this, said the Monegasque, 4 behind comrade Sainz. Flashes of good Ferrari in Azerbaijan.

They mounted a new wing in Charles and got back on track immediately: the old one will not end up in the bin. All reusable items will be recovered, because nothing is wasted with the budget cap. In fact, teams can spend 145 million dollars per season (before there were no limits), from next year they will be 140. In a context of forced savings, the worst nightmare having to replace an entire frame. The bill rises to over one million, as much as a four-room apartment in the center of Milan. As those of F1 are made to measure they must be produced in the factory, or purchased in the case of the client stables. Ferrari, like others, has set aside a reserve of money to cover the damage caused by accidents.

For Mercedes the start of the season was particularly salty: the crash of Valtteri Bottas in Imola, in which George Russell of Williams was also involved, affected the balance sheet so much that it forced the world champion team to give up a tire test 2022 of Pirelli planned for some time.

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