Rome: The reopening of social centers for the elderly has been set for 1 July

Rome: The reopening of social centers for the elderly has been set for 1 July
Rome: The reopening of social centers for the elderly has been set for 1 July

The Capitoline junta approved the Memorandum which confirms, pursuant to national legislation, the possibility of reopening, from 1 July, the service in Elderly Social Centers Of the territory.

I circa 150 Elderly Social Centers of the city will thus be able to reopen their doors to the beyond 65 thousand registered by proposing recreational, social, cultural and information activities, always in compliance with current health and contagion prevention provisions. The municipality of Rome writes it in a note.

The possibility, in the yellow zone and starting from 1 July, to resume activities in cultural, social and recreational centers is in fact provided for in Law Decree no. 65 of 18 May 2021, with the exclusion of activities in ballrooms, discos and the like, outdoors or indoors. The Department of Social Policies will send a circular on Monday to the Municipalities with useful information to ensure the safe reopening of the Elderly Social Centers in the relevant territories.

The Social Centers for the Elderly represent an important point of reference for citizens of the third age, among the most tried by the consequences of the distancing measures made necessary by the pandemic. For this reason, based on the national legislation we wanted to give an impulse to the Municipalities to take the necessary actions for the safe reopening of these structures, always in full compliance with the preventive measures provided.“, declares the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi.

The impulse to reopen the Elderly Social Centers is a further action that we carry out in the broadest commitment to the elderly people of our city, towards whom the support has never failed, paying particular attention to also accepting the new needs that have emerged from the consequences of the pandemic, as we have done through the delivery of packages with food and medicines and the telecompany. Nobody should feel alone “, declares the councilor for Person, School and Solidarity Community Veronica Mammì.


Rome reopening social centers elderly set July

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