“Play to create trails of hate”

“Play to create trails of hate”
“Play to create trails of hate”

I was massacred: there was talk only of the gold shorts that appeared under the dress and of my movements. Now that Damiano dei Maneskin shows up shirtless and with stiletto heels it’s okay: it is clear that there is sexism“. After making these statements, Emma Marrone found herself involved in a social controversy that seems to know no boundaries. The singer tried to explain her reasoning, clarifying that she has nothing against the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest, rather with the difference in judgment on the attitudes on stage depending on whether they are assumed by a man or a woman.

Maneskin controversy, Cerioni defends Emma Marrone

Emma is a queen. I was there when she devoured that stage. I was there when we studied the staging of that show together. I was there when she got involved by choosing to wear a stage costume created for her, like her American colleagues did. I was also there when they massacred us because under the dress she was wearing a pair of gold shorts. I was there when everyone who told us you were doing great, then after the result they laughed at us. I was there when they told us about all the colors and Emma, ​​as queen, lioness, proud warrior with her head held high, continued on her way. In my small way I have always been proud of that work done, I still consider it one of the best things that Leo and I have done and I will always be grateful to Emma for trusting us. I agree with Emma. In Italy, sexism in the entertainment world is still tangible. What a woman does is viewed very differently from what a man does. The same industry gives space very differently to male and female artists. This in no way detracts from the wonderful work of the Maneskins. I hate sexism, homophobia, ignorance and double standards. Long live women always. Emma you are number one, always ahead with your head held high“, the words of the stylist Nicolò Cerioni on Instagram.

Emma Marrone thanks Nicolò Cerioni

Thanks Nick for your beautiful words. As you well know extrapolating random concepts and creating hate trails on social media is a game we know well. I know who I am and what I say. Time is a gentleman. I am not number 1 but I am a consistent person and artist”, Emma Marrone’s comment on Nicolò Cerioni’s posts.

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Maneskin, Damiano: “Those who didn’t believe in us where are they?”

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